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A Stylish 95th Birthday Celebration

By Sixty and Me March 25, 2019 News

We’ve all heard the various sayings about age and what it means to grow older such as, “Age is just a number” or “You’re only as old as you feel”.

But how many of us actually take these sayings to heart and let them guide our daily lives and mindset?

Photographer Melissa Fe Chapman happened to know of someone who did take these sayings to heart and let them guide her daily life – her Grandmother!

Chapman’s Grandmother, aka Mama, always managed to embrace her age and ring in each passing year with vigor and joy, which is exactly why Chapman and her family wanted to celebrate Mama’s 95th birthday in a big way!

A Birthday Bash for the Ages

Chapman and her family began the birthday celebrations by throwing Mama a surprise 95th birthday bash that included food, family, friends, dancing, and lots of laughter.

Family and friends came from near and far to celebrate Mama’s 95 years here on Earth and the smile that Mama wore throughout the party made it all worth it.

But Chapman wanted to do more, saying, “I wanted to show my love and celebrate my Grandma by getting her dolled up and capturing her fun spirit.”

Which is exactly what Chapman did with the elegantly carefree and vintage photoshoot that she put together for Mama, capturing the genuine beauty of what 95 years old looks like.


Chapman made sure that no detail went overlooked for her grandmother’s photo shoot. The set included large handmade pink and white peonies that flanked Mama as she sat in a vintage-style chair set in the middle of a stunning field of nature.

Mama was decked out in a beautiful black and floral dress, a delicate flower crown atop her head, and a brilliant smile that lit up each and every photo. To complete the celebratory photo shoot, Chapman included a beautiful strawberry birthday cake piled high with fruit to match the floral vibe.

Melissa shared her vision and experience with the extravagant yet tasteful shoot, saying, “My initial vision for the birthday photo shoot was simple and to snap a few photos of my grandma, aka Mama, to cherish in the years to come. As soon as my grandma saw everything come together, she was in awe and could not stop thanking me for making her feel like a ‘princess.’ But honestly, she is the true queen, and this was only a piece of my appreciation for everything she has done and taught me in my life.”

After viewing the incredible photos that Chapman captured of her grandmother, it is evident that we could all learn a little bit from Mama who has clearly figured out the secret to truly celebrating each and every birthday that we are lucky enough to enjoy.

Happy Birthday to Mama Fe and here’s to celebrating many more!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday? What is the most memorable birthday celebration that you have experienced?

Photography: Melissa Fe Chapman

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