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Costco/Kirkland Hearing Aids Review

By Jessica Thomas January 20, 2021 Aging

Many people use Costco as their go-to shopping destination for low-cost groceries and bulk supplies at home. But, Costco offers a far more comprehensive range of products than just groceries. One item that Costco offers that not everybody knows about is hearing aids. These hearing aids are usually marketed under the Kirkland label. And, not surprisingly, given Costco’s reputation for offering products at reasonable prices, many of these Costco/Kirkland products are significantly less expensive than other hearing aid models. 

Costco / Kirkland Hearing Aids 

Costco recognizes that as the American population continues to age, that more and more people will need hearing aids to help them maintain their quality of life. Costco also recognizes that hearing aids are expensive. Because many insurance plans do not cover the costs of hearing aids, many potential wearers are priced out of the market, creating a cavalcade of negative consequences. Therefore, Costco sees a distinct market niche for its hearing aids. 

Hearing Aid Centers

In response to this need, Costco has launched its hearing aid centers. At these centers, potential customers can have a hearing aid test to assess if they need a hearing aid. Once this is known, a Costco sales representative works with the customer to determine which product works most effectively to meet their needs. Since these sales reps do not work on commission, customers can feel comfortable that they will not encounter the hard sell. 

Plus, services do not end with the sale of a hearing aid. The sales team will work with customers to make sure that they know how to effectively use all of the features that their particular model has. Costco will also schedule regular follow-up appointments, either in person or remotely, to ensure that all of the technology is working as well as it should. 

Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids

One of the most popular hearing aids sold at Costco is the Kirkland Signature 9.0 hearing aids. This hearing aid retails at $1499.99 per pair. This price point is significantly more reasonable than most hearing aids on the market. On the positive side, these hearing aids offer great technological capabilities and allow users to stream content directly from their other devices to their hearing aids. 

However, perhaps not surprisingly, given the price point, they do not have some of the bells and whistles that more expensive products offer. Yet, not everyone is interested in those high tech features. So, if you can live without these features, then the Kirkland Signature hearing aids may be an excellent choice for you. 

There is one additional downside. These hearing aids are larger than many of the streamlined models produced by competitors. This may be a concern for some customers who are focused on the aesthetics of their hearing aids. However, on the positive side, they are available in five color choices, which gives consumers more options. 

Costco ReSound Preza

In addition to the Kirkland hearing aid models, Costco also offers the ReSound Preza. The ReSound model is priced at the extremely attractive price point of $1249.99 per hearing aid.  

There are multiple different models of the ReSound offered at Costco, including models that are worn behind the ears and ones that can be placed in the ear canal. Another benefit of the ReSound models is that they are rechargeable. This saves customers significant battery replacement costs. Many users say that with its wide range of adjustment options, they can hear better than ever before while tuning out disruptive background noises. 

In Conclusion

Costco recognizes that hearing aids are cost-prohibitive for many customers. Costco has started carrying reasonably priced hearing aids at its stores across the country to address this challenge. Two of its most popular models are the Kirkland Signature hearing aids and the ReSound Preza. Both of these options are reasonably priced, yet they still offer many of the technologies that most consumers are looking for.

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