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Oticon Hearing Aids Review

By Jessica Thomas January 25, 2021 Aging

Oticon is a Danish company that is at the forefront of introducing new technologies into the hearing aid industry. Oticon recognizes that hearing is about more than the human ear. It is fundamentally about how the brain processes sound. Because of this, Oticon uses an innovative technology known as BrainHearing Technology. This technology improves hearing outcomes for people with a wide range of hearing problems and hearing loss. This unique technology is then utilized in a wide range of different Oticon hearing aid models.

Oticon OPN 

One of the most popular Oticon models is the Oticon OPN S. The Company proudly states that people who use this hearing aid model achieve the same level of speech recognition as individuals with no hearing loss. And, people are able to hear well even in settings with a significant amount of ambient noise. 

These are not the only benefits of the Oticon OPN hearing aids. The OPNs are also rechargeable. This can save people the frustration of having to change their hearing aid batteries every couple of days. For those concerned about the aesthetic component of their hearing aids, the Oticon OPN models are extremely small and attractive. 

Four Primary Models

Within the OPN family, there are four primary models: the miniRITE, the miniRITE T, the miniRITE R, and the BTE PP. Each of these models offers different features to users. Consider the following differences: 


The miniRITE is the foundation for the Oticon’s OPN family of hearing aids. It is a more simplified version of the different models specified below. Depending on an individual’s hearing needs, one of the models below may work better for them. 

miniRITE T

The miniRITE T is a derivative of the miniRITE hearing aid model that is based on coil technology.  It uses the Velox S platform to allow users to customize and optimize their listening environments. 

miniRITE R

The miniRITE R sports rechargeable batteries and an extremely small and attractive design that also offers ease of use. 


The BTE PP is designed for users who have moderate to severe hearing losses. 

Also, keep in mind that all of the OPN models are behind-the-ear options. 

The Oticon More

The Oticon More is at the forefront of incorporating new technologies into effective hearing aids for users. It uses this technology to improve wearers’ ability to recognize speech and successfully integrate background sounds into their listening experience. Extensive research has been done to show that the product is truly exceptional, and quite revolutionary in its approach to fostering better hearing.

This hearing aid model also allows users to stream a wide range of content from other devices. In addition, they have great rechargeable batteries that may be able to recharge within 3 hours fully. This adds to users’ convenience. 

The Oticon CROS

The Oticon More is not the Company’s only innovation leader. The CROS is also rapidly changing the hearing aid market, particularly for people who have only experienced hearing losses in one ear. The CROS has an interesting approach to single-sided deafness. It transmits sound waves from the poor hearing ear directly to the ear that has better natural hearing. Another key feature of this model is the Open Sound Navigator. This technological feature sorts out unnecessary background noise and amplifies what is really important for the listener.

The Oticon Prowax MiniFit

Oticon recognizes that wax build-up can be frustrating for hearing aid wearers and that it can negatively impact the functioning and performance of the hearing aids. Because of this, the Company produces wax guards, the Prowax MiniFits that remove wax build-up. These filters need to be changed regularly. When considering the price of an Oticon hearing aid model, it is important not to overlook this cost. Most big-box retailers offer attractive prices on this product. For example, at Walmart, you can buy a three-pack for $42.99.

The Price of Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aids’ prices may vary dramatically depending on the particular model that a wearer is interested in. Not surprisingly, hearing aids that have more bells and whistles often come at a higher price point. The OPN product range is some of the more expensive Oticon models and range from $1600 to $2000 per hearing aid. 

In Conclusion

The Danish company Oticon is at the forefront of incorporating new technology, such as deep neural networks, into hearing aids to offer users an improved listening experience. Some of Oticon’s most popular models are in the OPN line. These attractive hearing aids generally cost just under $2000 per hearing aid. But, there are other interesting Oticon models that users should consider based on their own hearing needs.

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