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Medical Guardian Review

By Jessica Thomas July 01, 2021 Aging

It’s no secret that falls and injuries are most common in aging adults. Falls actually account for 87% of all fractures among people 65 and older. With the fear of falls, a lot of us may feel like we can’t enjoy our daily routine like we used to. Not to mention the worries we put on our families and friends who only want the best for us. So, in this case, what are we to do? We wish it were as easy as having someone on call who could be there in case anything were to happen to us, like a fall. But if there’s not, what’s the next best thing? A medical alert system, of course. One system that has been sweeping the market is the Medical Guardian. Not sure about it? Here’s our Medical Guardian Review. 

Medical Guardian: The Rundown

If you’ve never heard of Medical Guardian before, then you may be living under a rock. They have been hailed as one of the most reliable medical alert system companies and have been around since 2005, with origins in Philadelphia. They have a range of products that can fit a variety of lifestyles, and many folks seem to speak highly of this company. But we wanted to know, are Medical Guardian products really worth it? So we decided to see for ourselves and compiled this Medical Guardian review for anyone who’s wondering the same thing!

Is Medical Guardian an Effective Guardian? 

We want to be able to come and go as we please within our homes without having to worry about what dangers may arise from taking an unexpected fall or any other form of injury. The Medical Guardian company boasts a variety of products that range from home-bases to wearable buttons that you can use in case you take an unpredictable tumble. In addition, some of us active folks want to be able to move around without having to wear something too bulky or heavy. 

Best Company ranked Medical Guardian as the top medical alert system, placing it above more than 87 other alert systems. The numbers don’t lie, and a lot of Medical Guardian customer reviews rave about the reliability and fast-action response behind their products. 

Gadgets Galore

One of the most popular factors behind Medical Guardian is its variety of devices. We don’t all want to wear the same medical alert necklace, and you don’t have to! Some of the device options for Medical Guardian include:

The Mini Guardian

This gadget is tiny enough to clip to a belt loop or wear as a necklace without feeling like you’re carrying a whole computer around your neck. It’s convenient, small, and connects you to an operator for assistance ASAP. Not to mention that it has enough battery power to run for five days without needing to charge. 

The Classic Guardian

Seen as the company’s most affordable device, this system connects to your landline phone and includes a base station, as well as a wearable alert button. The base station comes with a 32-hour backup battery life, and the wearable button is water-proof! So when we take a quick shower or bath, we don’t have to worry about ruining this alert button.

The Active Guardian 

This system is meant for the active guy or gal, the one who wants to take a stroll without worrying about what to do in case of injury. This portable device includes a cellular subscription, GPS tracking, and 2-way speakers, so communication with an operator is easy and instant. 

The Home Guardian

This system doesn’t require a landline and comes with a base station and a wearable emergency button. In addition, the wearable button is waterproof. The best part is that you can request multiple buttons for you and your partner, so you can go about your daily routine at home while reassured you’re both covered if the need arises. 

The Mobile Guardian

This is a portable device that comes with a wearable button. Going to be working in your backyard? Going to get the mail? Spending time with your favorite grandkids? There’s no need to worry about carrying the portable device with you absolutely everywhere. As long as you’re wearing the button, you can connect to Guardian’s operators as long as you’re within 350 feet of the portable device. 

When it’s Time to Call for Help

Here are the basics on how Medical Guardian works in case of an emergency: 

Medical Guardian’s in-home medical alert systems work in a similar form to other regular in-home medical alarm systems. Whenever you’re in the middle of an emergency situation, just press the help button. This immediately starts a call to the call monitoring center. From there, a trained monitoring agent will quickly answer the call, and they will work efficiently and as fast as possible to get you the help you need. This could include calling an ambulance or family members. If you cannot speak, the standard protocol is for the agent to send in help as soon as possible. 

Pros and Cons

We want a medical alert system that we can rely on, of course! It seems as we grow older, there are more chances to injure ourselves and fall than we expected. We’ve highlighted the Medical Guardian devices and their versatility, but let’s look at some of the overall pros and cons behind this company. 

The Pros of Medical Guardian 

Variety of System Options

As we talked about above, there is a variety of systems to go with. Whether we want to be active, need something waterproof, or need a system that keeps us safe at home, there’s a variety of systems by Medical Guardian to accomplish that. They even have an advanced Family Guardian system that lets families keep track of their favorite seniors’ activities. 

No Long-term Contracts or Loopholes

Medical Guardian is also popular because clients don’t have to get into long-term contracts. Customers can also be reimbursed for unused prepaid service time. There is an easy-to-navigate customer portal, and they don’t beat around the bush when it comes to manuals and the installation process because they have handy manuals to access through said portal. 

Reliability and Accessibility

Customer reviews show clients are generally impressed with how effective and reliable operator time is during an emergency. The medical alert system also serves all 50 states. 

The Cons of Medical Guardian:

Monitoring Center is external

The biggest con is that Medical Guardian’s monitoring center is external. This means the center is not the company’s, but rather they work with a US-based center. This can put into question the reliability and response time from the monitoring center, as Medical Guardian is not solely responsible for them. However, the call center does meet industry standards, and people are happy with it. 

Medical Guardian Review

It’s safe to say we’d all like to be covered in case of an emergency. We all want to live our daily lives without having to worry about what will happen if we take a tumble. Medical alert systems allow us to have that assistance if ever needed. Medical Guardian has been cemented as one of the most reliable and popular medical alert systems, and the facts we’ve mentioned above can back this up in our Medical Guardian review above. So if you are looking for a medical alert system that offers reliable service, mobile gadgets and is easy to use, we’d highly suggest checking out Medical Guardian!

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