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Allison Janney Rocks a Red Swimsuit as She Dives into Aging Gracefully, Dating, and More

By Sixty and Me September 08, 2018 News

Standing at proud and elegant 6 feet tall with legs that seem to never-end, Allison Janney is a stunning woman who commands your attention when she walks into a room.

Which is why it’s pretty surprising that Janney, 58, didn’t really get her big break in Hollywood until she was in her late 30’s. How could a woman with such beauty, grace, and talent go undiscovered for so long?

Luckily for Janney, her late start didn’t infringe on her ability to find great success as an actress, collecting numerous awards and accolades over the years, including an Oscar for her recent role in I, Tonya.

Wrinkles and Wigging Out

You would never know that Janney had any insecurities about aging in the public eye by her glowing appearance and her confident demeanor during her Oscar acceptance speech, but as it turns out, Janney deals with the same wrinkle-worries as the rest of us.


She openly admits to InStyle editor-in-chief, Laura Brown, that she was found her first wrinkle to be “terrifying” and says, “I’m trying to grow old gracefully and embrace it, but I also want to fight it and do little things here and there to help. Especially when you’re still single.”

While Janney admits that being single at 58 is not always easy, she hasn’t given up on finding love yet – but she has given up being the one to seek it out.

“I think this guy, whoever he is, is going to have to find me because I’m not going to find him.”

So, what will Janney fill her time with since she is not actively seeking relationships?

Well, when she’s not winning Oscars and co-starring on her hit TV sitcom, Mom, with Anna Faris, she might just be hanging out at the wig store!

Janney shares that after years of coloring, curling, flat-ironing, and blow drying her hair, there really isn’t much hair left. Which is why she has become a fan of hair extensions and wigs to help fill out her less-than-voluminous locks.

“I have a wig fetish. Even before I was known as an actress in New York, when I started doing theater there, I would go to the grocery store with different wigs on for fun. I loved it. Now it helps you in the trailer in the morning — wigs cut preparation time,” Janney shares.

Whether it’s her affinity for wigs or her honest approach to wrinkles and aging, Allison Janney sure is doing something right – she not only looks stunning in photos from her recent InStyle magazine shoot, but her career is thriving, and her confidence is practically contagious.

Are you an Allison Janney fan? What do you think of her recent InStyle photo shoot? Did you see her Oscar-winning performance in I, Tonya? Share your thoughts and join the conversation below!

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