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Are Gift Certificates Really the Best Gifts for Grandma?

By Margaret Manning November 03, 2016 Lifestyle

If you are looking for the best gifts for grandma, I have some surprising news. While travel opportunities, unique experiences, handmade items and spa treatments are all hits with women over 50, one item is requested more than any other – gift certificates.

Yes, you heard that right! Gift certificates.

Let me explain. I recently asked the women in the Sixty and Me community to tell us what they thought the best gifts for grandmas really are. Over 100 grandmas responded with their suggestions.

Their answers ranged from predictable (spa treatments) to adventurous (weekend trips) to personal (anything with frogs).

In fact, there were so many different suggestions that it was difficult to draw any overarching conclusions… except one. More women requested gift certificates than any other item or experience.

Why Are Gift Certificates Among the Best Gifts for Grandma?

I’m not entirely sure why so many women in the community love to receive gift certificates. Perhaps it’s because they strike a balance between practicality and thoughtfulness. They show that you know someone well enough to have an idea where they might like to shop. At the same time, they give the receiver the opportunity to choose something that they will actually use.

Here are a few of the comments that we received:

Gloria said, “I love gift certificates for book stores, craft stores and restaurants. They let me indulge whatever strikes my current fancy. I don’t want: perfume, flowers, clothes, shoes or purses. I want to pick these out for myself. Having said that, being remembered and appreciated is the best gift of all. The thought is far more important than the gift itself. So, I love all of the gifts that I receive and never re-gift. Even thinking about that makes me sad.”

Beverly added that she loves gift certificates, but, only when she can use them with others. She said, “I like receiving gift certificates to different restaurants. It’s great to have a family mean a couple of times a year. I don’t want clothes or anything that will sit around gathering dust. Just because you like something doesn’t mean I will too. Pay attention to what I say and you’ll be able to come up with the right gift – one that I will enjoy using.”

Joyce said, “Since I am on a limited income, a gift card for my grocery store is one that I value. I’m not fond of gift cards for big brands, which are a lot more expensive. Another option would be asking me to accompany them on a trip with the grandkids.”

Judy said, “Gift certificates for the spa would be high on my list – not just because I enjoy the spa but also because they show that you know what I like! Anything that shows that you know what I like and care enough to get it for me will be a winner.”

Sandra said, “I love gift certificates. It doesn’t matter if they are for a book store, restaurant or gas station. They all come in handy. If someone is on a tight budget, a phone call or a gift card are pure delights. Great free gifts include drawings from the grandkids or photos of the family.”

There were many similar comments, but, I think that these capture the wishes of many women in the community.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Are you surprised that so many people in our community think that gift certificates are the best gifts for grandma? What kinds of presents do you like to receive? Do you prefer travel, experiences, jewelry, gift certificates, handmade gifts or something else? Please join the conversation.

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