Do you ever feel like most of the people around you are much more “together” than you are? Do you often find yourself comparing yourself to others, even when you know it’s counterproductive? I know I do!

Sitting in a coffee shop, watching the people smiling and talking with their friends, it’s easy to think that we are the only ones that have problems.

Comparing Yourself to Others is Destructive

The problem is that people are great actors. When we look at another person, we see a mask. When we look into our own hearts, we see all of our problems, insecurities and worries. On some level, we all understand this. But, on a practical, day-to-day level, we seldom remind ourselves of this simple fact. The result is that we go through life feeling that we are different.

Learning to see past the masks that people present to us takes conscious effort. The next time you are in a public place, I encourage you to remind yourself that all of the people around you are just as complex as you are. They may look confident and calm on the outside, but, the great majority of them are struggling with the same self-esteem, money and family problems that you are.

Learning to see people as they really are is a great reminder that we are all in this together. Life in the modern world is an emotional minefield.

Instead of putting extra pressure on yourself, remind yourself that you are not any stranger than the people around you. You are unique and precious and you deserve to be happy.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Do you agree that we tend to think that other people are more “put together” than ourselves? Have you tried reminding yourself that everyone else is struggling with the same challenges that you are? Did it help? Please join the conversation below.

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