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Annamarie Pluhar, M.Div, is the author of Sharing Housing, A Guidebook for Finding and Keeping Good Housemates and directs Sharing Housing, a website providing training and tools to help individuals pursue this option. She lives in Vermont with one two-legged and two four-legged home-mates.

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5 months ago

Hopscotch and the Art of Making Friends as an Older Adult

Hopscotch. We played the game every day after school. We played it on the sidewalks and in the playgrounds outside the eighteen-floor brick building that was our home in Brooklyn, New York. We played as a way to hang out with each other…

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9 months ago

Shared Housing for Seniors – Solutions for Income and Companionship

Arnie calls her home “my accordion house” and laughs. It’s a huge Victorian building in the center of Concord, New Hampshire. Arnie inherited it from an aunt who lived on the second floor until her death. When her husband died at an early age…

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7 years ago

How the Golden Rule Can Help Us Build Healthy Relationships and Live Well with Others

Harriet heard the front door open and the jangle of keys. From the sounds, she recognized that it was her housemate, Mary. Mary came into the kitchen where Harriet was putting together a salad. A pot of soup simmered on the stove. Mary said, “Hi.” Read More