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Ashley Fabia is a Marketing Specialist at Abacus Life Settlements. In her work, Ashley has helped thousands of seniors secure their retirements, find value in their lapsing policies, and pay for their dream vacations. Learn more about Life Settlements and Viaticals at abacuslifesettlements.ccom

Latest Posts By Ashley Fabia

2 years ago

5 Things You Need to Know About Life Settlements

With a life settlement you sell your life insurance for cash that can be used and enjoyed while you’re alive. Most people misunderstand and misrepresent life settlements. By relying on incorrect information, you could hinder your ability to pursue…

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3 years ago

How to Supplement Your Retirement Fund

While planning for retirement, you may be running into the issue of wondering how to afford the retirement lifestyle of your dreams. An asset you may no longer need can provide you additional cash to solve that, your life insurance. Selling your life insurance policy to a licensed provider is known as a Life Settlement.

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