Aubrey Reinmiller is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist, and Functional Aging Specialist focused on helping those over 50 to reinvent aging! She offers online small group and private fitness solutions through Aubrey authored Reinvent Aging: The Over 50 Fitness Guide to Improve Energy, Strength and Balance.

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1 month ago

4 Mistakes You Are Making with Your Workout as a Woman Over 60!

Let’s face it, your body is not the same body it was in your 20s. A lot changes over time in your body: from your hormones, to your muscles, and to your joints. As a personal trainer who has helped hundreds of women in their 60s to build strength…

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2 months ago

Why a Great Morning Routine Can Be Your Best Friend

Creating a morning routine that works for you is so helpful to living a healthy lifestyle and making the most out of each day. Each of us is made differently so we should customize our morning routines to suit us. Mornings for me are the worst…

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4 months ago

How to Tone Your Core and Upper Body for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching! You want to look and feel your best to feel confident in your summer clothes and have the energy to enjoy all the adventures that lie ahead! As women, we typically have two main areas of focus that we want to improve…

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5 months ago

5 Tips to Get Back to Exercising After 50

I hear it all the time:”I’m 52 (67, 72, or plug in your number), and I used to be fit and active and exercise. Now I’m out of shape, want to feel healthy again, and I’m not sure where to start!” Once you have made the decision you are ready to get back into an exercise routine,…

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6 months ago

Top 4 Tips for Strength Training as We Age (VIDEOS)

As we age, strength training becomes an essential part of our workout to maintain and tone muscle, build bone density, and protect our joints. It is not enough to use walking as our only workout. Starting as early as our 30s, our body starts to lose muscle mass…

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7 months ago

4 Types of Exercises You Need After 55

There’ve been aerobic steps, cardio dance, running, walking, biking and everything in between when it comes to fitness routines. And through the years you have probably tried them all, but none of them felt “right” to you…

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1 year ago

3 Steps to Restore Your Core to Youthful Strength

Flat, six-pack abs are hard enough to achieve when you are young. As a woman in your 60s, who has had a few kids, it might feel impossible! You may even be saying, “Core? What core?!” A strong core will not only help you look and feel good…

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2 years ago

Strong Abs for Ladies Over 60 to Look Good All Year Round!

Strong core muscles are not just nice to have for summer, though, but are essential for every day. Core muscles give you the balance to reach a tall shelf or bend down and tie your shoes…

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2 years ago

Fit to Travel: Exercises to Help You Say “Yes!” to Every Adventure on Your Next Trip

Spring is here and, as the sun finally pops out, I’m thinking about travel! I love exploring new cities and have many travel destinations on my bucket list. Helping my clients prepare their body for an upcoming bucket list trip…

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