Beate Schilcher is the founder of Raumwirkt * Happy People in Happy Places. She is an entrepreneur, communications specialist and author. Beate is passionate about helping people re-invent themselves and unfold their true potential inside healthy living environments. Californian by soul, Beate currently lives in Vienna, Austria. Contact:

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1 week ago

Want to Feel Like a Queen in Your Home? 3 Empowering Tips

Feeling like a queen requires neither a palace nor servants nor a big bank account. It simply means to be fully supported by the space you call your home. Within her home, the queen has all she needs to be the best version of herself…

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1 month ago

Second Chances for Your Best First Impression at Home: 13 Ideas to Boost Your Self-Confidence

First impressions make all the difference whenever we meet new people, at a first date, a job interview etc. First impressions pave the way for what’s coming next. First impressions tend to “stick.” What is often overlooked? The “first impression” we…

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2 months ago

7 Easy-to-Implement, Fast-to-Accomplish Hacks to Reset and Refresh Your Life at Home

Especially as we grow in years, our home is the only place where we have a sense of total control over our lives. Everything else, the “outside world,” is not under our command (at least not completely). Our homes are places of recreation…

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