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What Makes a Woman Beautiful? How Your Home Helps You Boost a Glorious Smile

By Beate Schilcher October 16, 2023 Lifestyle

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend. But will they ever outshine your true, authentic smile? A glorious smile shows not only in mouth and teeth. It radiates out from your eyes, your posture, your body language, your inner light. The whole authentic you. Did you know that a true, authentic smile needs the cooperation of 43 muscles in your body?

How this relates to your home? Well, your home is your devoted “positivity buddy.” Just as your entrance door is the “face” that you show to the world, your home’s interior look and feel is the body language of your home.

Does your home smile with you? Do you wish to upgrade your smile from “nice” to “invincible,” with just a little makeover? Try these 7 inspirations and many tips on a budget.

1. Passion Is Like Botox, Only Better

What you are passionate about energizes you. Passion fills your cup. It radiates from the depth of your soul out into the world. Just like a big smile does.

  • Is your home showing your passion?
  • Do you smile, when you look at your walls? Yes, there may be photographs of family and friends that are dear to your heart. They give you energy. Wonderful. But, on top of the joy you share with loved ones, what makes your own heart sing?
  • What fills your cup that doesn’t depend on anyone or anything from outside of you? People come and go. You stay.

2. Awaken the Queen in You

On my bedroom wall, there’s a photograph of young Queen Elizabeth II on her throne. She has always fascinated me as a beautiful human being, navigating through difficult times (which I can relate to) with grace and dignity. Does this make me a royalist? No – and who cares anyway? It’s in the privacy of my bedroom.

What does The Queen do for me? When I look at her, my posture straightens. She reminds me of my highest values. My talents, my communication skills, my passion for all things personal growth, my being of service to the world, my excellent table manners. And of always being well dressed, although hardly ever with a hat. The queen inside of me comes alive. See? Now you can smile with me.

Show your talents. Home is where you are The Queen. Show your passion for books, travel, dancing, music, pottery, jewelry making, the opera, charity, movies, fashion, beauty, food, Pilates, plants, art, horses, starfish – your choice.

3. Do You Know Your Highest Values?

Sometimes, we adopt a belief, value or concept only as a coping strategy. In past times, this may have been useful or even lifesaving. Today, the same beliefs or concepts create roadblocks for us – to such extent that we may not even know what our own highest values are.

The good news? We can find out! By trial and error, or – much faster – by an online test. In my experience, Dr. John Demartini offers the most thorough (and free-of-charge) value determination process.

If finding out your highest values means replacing uncle Louie’s painting (which you never liked) with a photograph of Marilyn Monroe, or selling aunt Elsa’s precious antique vase (which you only keep in case she visits) and buying yourself a modern sculpture with the cash from the sale: FINE! You can show your appreciation of Louie and Elsa in other ways. If necessary at all.

4. Feed from the Past, But Don’t Let It Screw Up Your Glorious Present

I was surprised that letting go of a potted plant, inherited from a family member, meant freeing myself from “shadows” that came with it. For a long time, I told myself, It is a living plant, innocent, a good thing! But this concept proved wrong. My heart cheered up as the plant left my home.

This opened the space for a true passion of mine – travel and interior design books about the New England coast. They uplift me, they get my creative juices flowing, and they make me smile.

5. Words Can Lie. Furniture Doesn’t. Create a Healthy Flow

Remember John Mayall’s, “I can’t give my best unless I’ve got room to move”?

With a pinched nerve, you don’t feel like smiling. An aching arm or leg keeps you from moving freely. A full stomach makes you tired. Your bowel movements want space, so you feel healthy. Your home needs space, too. YOU need space. A smile comes from a place of feeling good!

  • Does that huge armoire stand in your way? Yes, it’s quite a statement, but is it worth the road block it creates?
  • Is your precious spare room crammed with your children’s belongings (which they are happy to leave with you)?
  • Do you have blue marks on your skin from frequently bumping into the sharp edges of your expensive designer coffee table?
  • Do you literally “go out of your way” so you won’t touch the plant that has long outgrown your living room and may fall off its console any day now?

This is not about downsizing, decluttering or minimalism. (O well, ladies, it always IS about decluttering but that’s not my point right now.) THIS is about finding your priorities, and then: giving yourself adequate space for them.

6. How the Power of Communicating Vessels Works for You

  • Shift your furniture around until you create the space and flow that you deserve. You don’t need a plan. You don’t need to know where everything goes when you first start. Just start moving one thing, then another. Trust the process.
  • You will find that, by moving just one thing, another thing will want to be moved, too. Objects and spaces are connected. That’s the magic of your home. Just like our blood vessels, our rooms are communicating vessels.
  • Ask for help if necessary. Things will fall into place, I guarantee it! I have gone through re-arranging furniture with countless clients: There ALWAYS is a way to make things look and feel better.
  • It may take a while. Be patient. Don’t give up. Sometimes, the winning changes are minimal but make all the difference.
  • Yes, it may just be this one chair that wanted to be moved from east to west. And it may have taken you 3 days of moving stuff back and forth until you found that out. Congratulations! Those were 3 days of positive solution and growth oriented (e)motions. Plus, the physical exercise will reward your body with some muscle growth. Life’s a journey anyway. Give yourself a big smile!
  • And yes, it might be time to let go of something that stands in your way. Or it may just fit perfectly somewhere else.

Don’t let your energy flow get blocked, not by a concept or false belief, not by another person – and most definitely not by your furniture.

7. The Jewel in the Crown

Being The Queen is not for the weak. If things get tough, your smile will help you to conquer obstacles:

  • Psychological studies suggest that putting on a smile in challenging times serves as a mood lifter. Smiling (even a fake smile) triggers brain chemicals related to positivity.
  • Think of Nat “King” Cole’s famous song „Smile though your heart is aching. Smile even though it’s breaking. When there are clouds in the sky: you’ll get by. If you smile through your fear and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow: You’ll see the sun come shining through for you … JUST SMILE

Remember: Your home is your devoted “positivity buddy.” Let it help you raise your mood and energy. Surround yourself only with colours, views, fabrics, art, furniture and people that make you smile. Let your smile be that priceless jewel in your crown.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What makes you smile inside your home? Is your home smiling at you? Is it the best stage set for The Queen in you? Share your passion. Let´s talk about what empowers us and makes us smile.

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Christina A Comer

I absolutely enjoyed this article! Thank you for all the uplifting advice and suggestions!

Beate Schilcher

Thanks for your comment, Christina. Glad you feel uplifted!


Decorating is my PASSION. And. wouldn’t you know it – I live in a 900 sqft house. That means not enough walls or floor space for all I love.

I’ve taken down my wall of family/friend pics because I had people displayed that had caused me deep pain. I passed on the beautiful rocker my beloved grandfather made. It never really fit. And, I’ve rotated different looks until I’ve landed on thermos’s, old fishing lures, Pendleton, lanterns, and beautiful framed posters from our state’s Forest Service (which include my Smokey the Bear) in our living room. One of my best PASSIONS is reading so I have a long bookshelf filled with books I read or turn to for information or they inspire me or _______. Forget what they say about “styling” my bookshelf. Finally getting a bookcase where I could have all of my books in one place makes me smile.

Just took down all items on the 3 long shelves in my kitchen. Decided my collection of retro/antique red/yellow kitchen items looked too drab. I wanted a lighter/brighter look. Thus now adding to my Fiestaware collection. Soooo happy & cheerful.

You’re right – we should examine & re-examine who we are NOW. Change it up when needed. Make sure it has the things in it that make YOUR heart sing.

Beate Schilcher

Thanks a lot, Laura, for taking the time to share your decorating journey! What an inspired approach you have for re-defining your “castle’s” interior look. Yes, I can hear PASSION in capital letters from what you describe. Congratulations for freeing yourself from not-so-pleasant memories and focussing on what makes your heart sing instead. You are a Queen. Thanks for the inspiration!


Right now I have lit two candles 🕯 while I’m having my morning coffee. My favorite girl (dog) is wrapped in a blanket on the sofa and after decluttering my home in every room I now enjoy most everything I have. I look around and feel free. Free to live without my parents things, broken objects, useless stuff, only clean space, happy objects and time….more time than I can fill! There’s a whole new world I’m beginning to explore. 🙌💪

Beate Schilcher

Wow, Donna, you made it. Decluttering every room of your home: That´s so many decisions, actions and: REWARDS. I picture your favorite girl enjoying your relaxed presence, surrounded by happy objects. I have a feeling that your precious time will soon be joyfully filled with more rewarding and heartwarming activities worthy of the Queen you are! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!


I moved to a new home and brought all my old nick navks and decor. It’s didn’t really work out and so I took a deep breath and got rid of decor i had and loved for so many years and bought new items I loved. I also have a lot less furniture, creating a more open space. I love it and I love my new home!

Beate Schilcher

What a bold big breath this must have been, Sophie! Congratulations for creating your new Queen’s home with exactly the objects you love – and a lot of open space for even more breathing potential. Thanks for taking the time to share your journey – and enjoy!


Thanks for a good article Beate, it makes all the sense in the world, and was a good reminder! I moved a year and a half ago into my new home, and am slowly getting it set up in ways that make me feel so very good. Thanks for the nudge re: not keeping things to make others feel good, but rather look at my home as what is the best for me!

Beate Schilcher

Oh, Queen Mia, you´re so WISE in taking your time. Getting your new home set up in exactly the way you feel good about is so crucial to our wellbeing. Interior decorating is a journey. Just like our life is, You are very welcome for the nudge! Thanks for posting and inspiring this community.

The Author

Beate Schilcher is the founder of Raumwirkt * Happy People in Happy Places. She is an entrepreneur, communications specialist and author. Beate is passionate about helping people re-invent themselves and unfold their true potential inside healthy living environments. Californian by soul, Beate currently lives in Vienna, Austria. Contact:

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