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7 Easy-to-Implement, Fast-to-Accomplish Hacks to Reset and Refresh Your Life at Home

By Beate Schilcher August 09, 2023 Lifestyle

Especially as we grow in years, our home is the only place where we have a sense of total control over our lives. Everything else, the “outside world,” is not under our command (at least not completely). Our homes are places of recreation: they are the spaces where we re-create ourselves.

So, why not benefit from this amazing “indoor power” to program yourself for health, love, joy and growth?

Your Home Is All About You: What You See Is What You Get

In times of change or turmoil, your home is a precious resource. It is not only a safe haven but also the place that supports you in reinventing yourself. If you let it.

Your home mirrors you: your values, your degree of self-love, your life’s journey. You are the product of the average five people you surround yourself with on a regular basis. You also are the product of the space that surrounds you, day and night. Choose wisely who and what you surround yourself with.

7 Tips to Reinvent Yourself at Home

It is as simple as this: What you put in is what you get out. What you see is what you get.

1. Unlock Your Hidden Treasures: Make Yourself Seen

You hardly ever go out? Most of your beautiful garments, jewelry or other beloved objects sadly linger around in drawers and closets (because you are not ready to let go of them yet)? Free them! Show your treasures to yourself. Make them seen – and make yourself seen:

  • Instead of a throw, drape your fancy shawl over your sofa. Change it with the seasons. Or every week – if you feel like it. It´s OK to have a Hermès shawl on your daybed.
  • Put that gorgeous expensive lace tablecloth over a curtain rod.
  • Dress your chair with that beautifully patterned dress that you´ve grown out of. You´ll be surprised by how well some garments “fit” onto chairs.
  • Decorate your walls, artwork and mirrors with your colourful jewelry.
  • Upgrade your sofa pillows (or curtains) with sparkling brooches.
  • Give that glamorous handbag a chance to show off its beauty on the bookshelf.
  • Keep it intentional. Only surround yourself with objects you love.

2. Widen Your Horizon: Spice Up Your Walls

Your home is too small to expose all the artwork (grandkids’ paintings, photographs) that have accumulated over the years?

  • Change them. Regularly. Your eyes get tired from looking at the familiar for too long. By changing the images on your walls, you refresh your outlook and honour objects that might otherwise stay unseen in a drawer.
  • Rotate them! From east to west, from bedroom to kitchen walls.
  • Try out a gallery wall with not just one fine artwork but the abundance of a dozen colourful pieces, placed in 3 or 4 rows above one another. That´s called the Eremitage or Petersburg arrangement (after the famous museum). Have fun with it. Be playful. Be courageous. Arrange the objects on the floor first. This way, it´s easy to shift them around before you stick nails into your walls. If you don´t like it, try a new arrangement. I have never heard a wall say “ouch.” Give yourself the chance to check out new (indoor) horizons.

You have no artwork, no photographs, nothing on your walls? It might be time to experiment!

  • The menu of your favorite coffee place may be a fun addition to your kitchen wall. Frame it.
  • Do the same with your children’s Mother’s Day cards (if you keep them) or the chocolate cake recipe so beautifully handwritten by your beloved grandmother.
  • Cut out pictures from travel magazines or your favourite journals and frame them as well.
  • Greeting cards, postcards, colourful ads may be another creative addition to cheer up your walls.
  • Why not paint or draw a little something yourself? Take photographs with your mobile phone. Visit galleries, get inspired.

3. Ready for Change? Turn Things Upside Down and Inside Out

Turn That Persian Carpet Upside Down

This tip is from a renowned interior designer in Manhattan. Some outspokenly colourful carpet patterns may look more elegant on the other side where the colours are usually less intense. Also, the pattern on the bottom may be less bold and resemble the washed-out bohemian look that people spend much money on.

Turn Those Pillowcases Inside Out

Bleached-out fabrics may appear as fresh as new on their inside. Or, if the inside is more subtle and lighter coloured, this can create a pleasant light “seaside style” summer look.

Rearrange Your China Cabinet

Are your tea mugs getting bored by just hanging out in the lefthand corner? Put them somewhere else. Give other dishes the chance for a runway presence. Sort them by colour or mix them wildly. Don´t strive for perfection, as “perfect” may lack the juice of life. Give yourself a fresh new outlook. It´s all under your control.

4. Celebrate the Present and Plan the Future: Check Your Photographs!

Count the number of dead people on the photographs you surround yourself with. If it’s the majority, and you wish to continue living in a healthy, joyful, saying-yes-to-life manner: reduce them. Let the number of the living outgrow the number of the deceased by far.

This is not disrespectful. Your loved ones live in your heart anyway. Your heart is the safest place on earth where nothing of true meaning can ever be taken away. The space that surrounds you needs to be filled with truly nurturing messages of life, growth and love. Filling your space with life is filling it with alive people, smiling at and with you. People who speak to you of the present and of a pleasant future.

Just like the uterus is filled with all the warm, nurturing, comforting and growth-enabling ingredients the embryo needs. Let your space caress and comfort you, nurture you, make you feel safe and filled with the promise of a joyful, healthy and meaningful future life.

5. Go with the Flow: Make the Seasons Visible

Your clothing changes from head to toe with the seasons (unless you live on Paradise Island or one of the Poles). It´s only fair to change your home´s decorations too: from door wreath to sofa throw. This shows that you are connected to and flowing with the constant change of life. You are dynamic and embrace change as an opportunity to thrive.

Remember to also change photographs with the seasons. In summertime, replace the family Christmas card with the grandchildren´s group snapshot on the beach. Make the effort. Honoring the different seasons of the year is honoring your space and your life as it unfolds.

6. Get Moving: Rotate Your Stuff!

Once you have found that “perfect” spot for you-name-it, you may be tempted to leave it there forever. After all, we are creatures of habit. This can get quite boring over time. Just like a vacation refreshes our energies by change of environment, culture and pace of life, you can refresh your indoor horizon by moving your furniture. No need to buy anything new (unless you want to).

Move the carpet just a few inches or lay it out diagonally. Turn the sofa at just a slightly different angle, facing a faintly different corner of your home – perspectives change instantly. Try it out. Play with it. Surprise yourself with the many choices you will detect even in the smallest of rooms. How rewarding to experience the power of change inside of you. It reminds you that you are a powerful creator.

Be bold. Nothing bad ever happens from questioning a given furniture arrangement. Remember that our own physical bodies are masters of renewal and change. We produce 6 new bladders, 8 tracheas, 18 livers and 200 gastric outlets every single year. Our stem cells turn into any cell needed at a given moment. If we weren´t designed as such highly adaptable creatures, we would have joined the dinosaurs a long time ago.

Don´t be a dinosaur in your home. Be a stem cell instead.

7. Leave Space for Miracles

Honour the past, celebrate the present and always leave space for the future. Even at 100+, there will be another day, another morning. And if it were only one more day: wouldn´t it be great if a charming little miracle showed up right in time?

Keep that one surface (on a table, console, nightstand, bookshelf) empty. Even if it takes a lot of discipline. Certain spots just seem to attract “stuff.” Make the effort. Keep it empty for at least 4 weeks. Focus on what unexpected sweet surprise this little empty spot may draw into your life. Be proud of yourself for keeping your options open. You never know. Make space for miracles. When they arrive: Celebrate them!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Have unexpected positive situations or encounters entered your life lately? Do you have a miracle to share? Have you experimented with your furniture and décor? Let´s talk about experimenting. Let´s talk about the transformative power of our homes!

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Freda Doss

Very good ideas on pics. I need to change my old pictures to the current pics taken recently. Getting excited about it he he he.


Great, Freda. Let your (present) self shine! Sounds like you are having fun with it.


Love the way this was written the words seemed to almost leap out at me with enthusiasm.
My home is indeed my special place but unfortunately it hasn’t seen any changes for many years. The article has inspired me to do something with it.
Thank you


So glad you feel inspired, Toni. You have company: Being busy caring for others or overwhelmed with the task, many stay within a given home situation for years although change can be so refreshing and helpful. Stay tuned: I have more hands-on tips in the pipeline for the Sixty+me community. – Little changes go a long way. It starts with only one. If you like: Do share your experiences with change. I’d really like to read about it.


thank you! I am inspired!


Glad you´re inspired. Thanks for your feedback, Linda!


My apartment in Switzerland is rented. Most rentals here have the same off white walls, although my bathroom came with one wall in a dark maroon shade which I like.

The trick I have is to change things like cushion covers and throws and lampshades with the seasons. I also have loose covers for 2 armchairs and some dining room chairs I have – the dining room chairs were second hand and upholstered in a colour I didn’t like, now they are neutral.

These simple things give a fresh look. Grouping framed artwork on picture shelves is also a good idea as you can move them around and add or subtract pieces.


Great tips, Linda! Isn’t it amazing how much we can do? Thanks for sharing.


Artwork on picture shelves is a great idea, so easy to change! Your signature wall in maroon sounds intriguing. Wow, you even change lampshades with the seasons. You sound like an interior design talent. Thanks for your creative input!


Love this! And the cost is minimal.


Thanks a lot, Barbara! Hope you’re having fun redecorating!


Thank you, Barbara. Hope you´re having fun with re-inventing.

The Author

Beate Schilcher is the founder of Raumwirkt * Happy People in Happy Places. She is an entrepreneur, communications specialist and author. Beate is passionate about helping people re-invent themselves and unfold their true potential inside healthy living environments. Californian by soul, Beate currently lives in Vienna, Austria. Contact:

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