Bob and Fran German are healthy aging advocates, authors, and coaches. They are both 80+ years young and love sharing their strategies for great health, happiness, and longevity, starting at any age. See them on YouTube at and check out their Website at

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8 months ago

The Longevity Diet: A Step-By-Step Plan to Live Longer and Healthier

It is estimated that approximately 80% of the food sold in supermarkets today did not exist when many of us were children. Unfortunately, most of these “new foods” are unhealthy, genetically-modified and highly refined products loaded with chemicals…

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9 months ago

Which Way Are You Rowing? 8 Actionable Ideas to Go with the Easy Flow of Life

As we age, it’s a good idea to do a “self-check-in” from time to time about which direction your life is going. Upstream or downstream? For this, you need to go “inside.” A self-introspection. Ask yourself, “How am I rowing my boat…

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10 months ago

How This Couple Overcame Life-Threatening Illnesses

Have you ever been told that you have a life-threatening disease? Both of us (Bob and Fran) have! And about at the same time! It was very overwhelming, as you can imagine. That was 16 years ago…

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