Brian Joslyn is a family law and divorce attorney practicing in the state of Ohio. Brian handles cases involving divorce, separation, spousal support, child support and more. Brian has devoted his life to principles of fairness and justice in the treatment of his clients and the outcomes he seeks on their behalf.

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4 weeks ago

Coping with the Emotional Challenges of Gray Divorce

While the overall divorce rates appear to be stabilizing, there’s a noticeable upward trend known as “gray divorces.” These divorces involve couples who have spent years building lives together, raising children, and managing…

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2 months ago

Navigating Spousal Support Payments in Divorce Over 60

When couples over the age of 60 contemplate divorce, they encounter various factors that influence their decision. Despite sharing a significant portion of their lives together and often maintaining a relatively amicable divorce process…

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4 months ago

Gray Divorce: Tips for Splitting Up After 60

Over the past few years, gray divorce has been increasing. Since 1990, the rate of people over the age of 50 getting a divorce has doubled. What exactly is a gray divorce? Most of the time, the term “gray divorce” refers to couples…

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