Carol Benton, B.M.Ed., M.M., D.M.A., is a retired music educator and college professor. In retirement, she continues to work part-time as a church musician along with pursuing a new career in freelance writing. See what Carol’s up to by visiting her blog, Scribbling Boomer, or email Carol at

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2 months ago

Use Intrinsic Motivation to Spark a Happy Retirement

Oh, the joys of retirement! No bosses or supervisors, no deadlines, no meetings or annual reports! What a luxury to find yourself with endless hours of free time and nobody telling you what to do. I’ve been retired from my full-time career…

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3 months ago

5 Remarkable Benefits of Music Listening to Positively Impact Your Health

Do you listen to music on a regular basis? Maybe you tune the radio dial to a favorite station while you cook or pop in your earbuds when you head out for a walk. Personally, I’m such a dinosaur that I still enjoy the CDs from my large…

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2 years ago

Feeling Lazy? Try These Tips to Boost Productivity in Retirement

Retirement brings a wonderful sense of freedom from responsibilities and schedules. In retirement, we can make our own decisions about how to spend our time. After all, we earned the freedom of retirement by working hard for many years!

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