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Award-winning writer of humorous fiction and non-fiction Carol E Wyer also performs stand up comedy. Carol has been interviewed by numerous radio stations and BBC Breakfast, Sky and NBC about ageing issues including 'Irritable Male Syndrome'. She has written for several national magazines and websites including the Huffington Post HUFF/50. Carol believes that we should all attempt to age disgracefully.

Latest Posts By Carol Wyer

10 months ago

What No One Tells You About Getting Older, Until It’s Too Late

I’ve always had a “so-what” approach to getting older. In my youth, I did all those foolhardy things we are warned to avoid – I drank too much, I partied all night, and I never went sunbathing without first dowsing myself in virgin olive oil to make sure I got a deep…

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12 months ago

7 Fun Ways to Feel Sexy Beyond 60

Right about now, you’re probably groaning and thinking here we go, another article about dyeing my hair and exercising, and do I care about being sexy anyway? Aha! You’re wrong. I have a very different approach to ageing…

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8 years ago

A Grumpy Guide to Retirement

So finally you have reached the age of retirement. All those years of anticipation, of looking forward to lie-ins, loafing about the garden, travelling to places you have never visited before and endless fun-filled days with your friends. That was until you realised your pension wasn’t as much as you hoped for and those destinations you fancied visiting are off the list or filled with lager-swilling louts and their noisy families…

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8 years ago

Want to Look 10 Years Younger? Start Acting 10 Years Younger!

For my 14th birthday, my mother gave me a copy of Sue Townsend’s “Adrian Mole Aged 11 3/4” – a humorous children’s book. In it, she wrote “To our daughter – a female Peter Pan.” I was thrilled. Read More