Carol Stanley has many interests in life including writing, reading, cooking, biking and speaking. However, she feels most passionate about her painting which she says keeps her centered and content. Her art appears on Fine Art America at You can also visit Carol’s website at where her book, Feel Better Every Day, is available for sale.

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4 years ago

Here Are a Few of My Favorite Things… #4 Will Surprise You!

I am sure those words from The Sound of Music sound familiar to you. I am going to share with you a few of my favorite things since we are in the Holiday Season. These are products I use daily, and they offer solutions for many issues. Also, they are non-toxic, healthful and save money in some cases. Read More

4 years ago

My Yummy Paleo Recipes and Ideas for a Complete Paleo Dinner

Over the past several years the Paleo diet has become very popular. This diet consists of foods consumed by the first humans on earth, namely, meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, while excluding all grains, dairy and processed foods…

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4 years ago

Don’t Just Lose Weight After 60! Keep It Off and Never Be Hungry

Weight loss diets are a big business in our country. There are so many books and diets on the market it could make your head swim. Read More

5 years ago

8 Ways to Make a Fresh Start in the New Year

Don’t make a resolution to lose weight! I know the number one New Year’s Resolution is getting in shape and losing weight. A resolution can be very confining and having a set date to achieve each of our goals may or may not work. You have probably heard people say they need to lose weight by a certain date. Read More

5 years ago

Love to Eat Fish? Here Are Some Easy Mahi Mahi Recipes

We eat fish about three times a week to get our dose of Omega 3. My husband does all the grocery shopping, and fortunately, there are always different fish for sale each week. Read More