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Canadian writer Cat Wheeler has been living in Southeast Asia since 1990. In 2000, she moved from clean, predictable Singapore to the colorful chaos of Bali, Indonesia. Part of a vibrant 60+ expat community, she writes popular books about life in Bali off the tourist trail:

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7 years ago

Retiring Overseas in Paradise – What Does It REALLY Cost?

Many of us have dreams of retiring under waving palm trees after decades of working hard and looking after others. But can we afford our fantasy lifestyle? Read More

7 years ago

Retiring in Bali: You’re Not a Tourist Any More, So Put Down Roots in Your New Tropical Home

So, you’ve said your farewells, rented out your apartment, packed your bags and landed in your new home. A new life is about to open before you. Read More

7 years ago

Finally Out of the Fast Lane? Retire Overseas in the Tropics!

Almost 20 years ago I moved to a small town in Bali, Indonesia. At 65 I’m still here, part of a vibrant community of expat elders who have chosen a very different path in retirement. Read More