Catherine Stifter believes moving well has no age limit. She’s a Restorative Exercise Specialist whose programs are designed for movers 50+ seeking to restore their strength, mobility and balance. After reporting on health for more than 30 years, she’s writing a blog called Aging Well. Catherine can be contacted at

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4 weeks ago

Why Wear Shoes That Hurt Your Feet? Make the Switch to Minimal Shoes!

When I was still working in an office, my favorite shoes were a pair of short black cowboy boots with a 2-inch heel and a pointy toe. Wore them all the time, despite the niggling knee pain I experienced while doing so. It didn’t occur…

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2 months ago

You Are a Born Mover, so Move!

Actually, you were moving long before the day of your birth. Babies in utero kick, punch, get hiccups, suck their thumbs and move their heads. All these movements are vital to the development of bones and joints…

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3 months ago

Sit Smarter to Improve Whole Body Health and Longevity

Have you ever heard that sitting on the floor is one of the best ways to stay active, live long and be healthy? It may seem silly or even impossible because right now it’s not easy for you to get up and down from the floor…

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5 months ago

How (and Why) to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

My interest in the healing power of sleep really began while recovering from bacterial meningitis four years ago. For weeks after leaving the hospital, I slept 15-20 hours per day. Although this alarmed my caregivers, who wanted me…

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5 months ago

Get in Better Balance for a Stronger, Longer Life

I just became eligible for Medicare, the US health insurance for those 65 and older. Doctor Charlene scheduled a Welcome to Medicare visit, and to be honest, the process was sobering. Answering the questionnaire truthfully resulted in me being…

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6 months ago

How to Choose the Best Fitness Pro to Keep You Motivated

If you already have a personal trainer who you love and see regularly or you’re a long-time member of an exercise class where the instructor makes the hard work fun, you may not need this article. But maybe you’ve recently moved…

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7 months ago

Ending Ageism Creatively: Exposing Harmful Stereotypes of Older People

Can you spot the ageism in this headline for a health article in Best Life magazine?  20 Easy Ways to Look a Decade Younger: From Sunup to Sundown, Here’s a Full-Day’s Worth of Hacks to Make Sure You Always Look Your Absolute Best Meg LaPorte says this kind of fear-based marketing aimed at older adults […]

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9 months ago

Energize Your Modern Life with the Easy to Learn, Ancient Health Practice of Qigong

Let me introduce you to a movement method that is not only gentle on your joints and muscles, but also supports better breathing, circulation and metabolism while calming your mind and soothing your spirit. Sound too good to be true?

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10 months ago

4 Natural Movements to Improve Posture and Feel Stronger

Everyone has heard that we all need exercise to prevent serious illnesses like heart disease and stroke. But even with the best of intentions it’s not easy to carve out the time for it. What if there was a different approach to staying healthy…

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