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Cheryl Hughes is a mother, a grandmother, and a retired teacher. She was the caregiver to her husband who had Parkinson’s Disease for 23 years. Her mission is to encourage other caregivers and to spread peace. Please visit her website at

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6 months ago

Don’t Know What to Say to a New Caregiver? Here Are 5 Supportive Things to Say

Have you noticed that sometimes people don’t speak to disabled or ill persons because they don’t really know what to say? The same is true about caregivers. If friends don’t know exactly what to say to us, sometimes they say nothing at all…

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2 years ago

Have Any Fears? The Journey of Slaying My Dragon

I am usually a very reasonable person. I taught mathematics, for heaven’s sake, and that is the most logical science in the world! But I was afraid. It was such an irrational fear that I was embarrassed to admit it…

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3 years ago

No New Year’s Resolutions for Me! The Confessions of a Mature Woman

Smile if you have made New Year’s resolutions in the past. Now smile again if you have kept them all year. It is truly difficult to keep those ‘promises’ going for an entire year, isn’t it? That was me until 3 years ago – until I read a book…

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5 years ago

How to Breach the Topic of Death and Dying with Your Spouse – the Tough Questions You Don’t Want to Ask

What if death and life were not opposites? What if they were both parts of reality? If that was true, would we still hesitate when needing or wanting to talk about death and dying? How can we make these conversations more organic, more natural? Read More

6 years ago

5 Ways to Combat Feelings of Loneliness as a Caregiver

Caregivers are usually dependable, persistent, detailed, vigilant – and seemingly tireless. But not many people would characterize caregivers as lonely. Yet as a caregiver, I have experienced many periods of loneliness. Depending on your circumstances, you may feel the same way. Read More