Edd & Cynthia Staton are recognized experts on expat life. They have appeared on network television and are regularly featured in major media outlets. Authors of three Amazon #1 best-selling books about their adventures, Edd and Cynthia have also created a program called Retirement Reimagined! Check out their website: https://www.eddandcynthia.com.

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6 months ago

Insider Tips to Make Your Next International Flight Trouble-Free

You’ve probably been reading about all the hassles with air travel this summer. Perhaps you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing them yourself.  Delays. Cancellations. Lost luggage. While delays and cancellations are beyond a passenger’s control…

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9 months ago

Planning to Travel Abroad? Here Are Important Financial Tips You Need to Know

Hooray!! You can finally take that trip abroad you’ve had to postpone for the past two years. Before you head to the airport, we want to share some important financial tips that will help you save money and avoid frustrating surprises after you arrive…

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10 months ago

Worried About the Future? How to Still Enjoy the Retirement of Your Dreams!

We were living the good life in Las Vegas. Successful careers. Dream house. Solid investments. Everything was in place for a terrific retirement in just a few short years. Then, out of nowhere, the Great Recession of 2008 swept away our careers…

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