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Elaine Ambrose is a #1 best-selling author of eight books, including Midlife Cabernet and Menopause Sucks. She parties in her empty nest with her patient husband in Eagle, Idaho, near her grown children and funny grandchildren. Find her syndicated blogs, humorous books, and public speaking schedule on

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5 months ago

How to Tweak Your Holiday Traditions for Less Stress and More Fun

Somehow the month of May instantly became November, and it’s time to prepare for the holidays. I’ve followed the regular rituals of the season for several decades, but this year I intend to change the frantic schedule and reduce or eliminate…

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7 months ago

Meaningful Celebration Ideas for a 60th Birthday and Beyond!

My friend survived another trip around the sun, and I searched for an appropriate birthday card to send her. I noticed that many cards contained exaggerated, pathetic caricatures that resembled cruel and unusual punishment for still being alive…

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1 year ago

Passport to Freedom: Do You Remember Your First Car?

My first car was a 1973 Pontiac Firebird, candy apple red with a white roof and a black interior. My father gave it to me for Christmas in 1972 as a reward for my pending college graduation the following May. The vehicle became my passport to freedom…

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2 years ago

Why Your Children and Grandchildren Should Avoid Student Loans

Graduation time is here, and families will join to celebrate an important milestone in the lives of their graduates. Mixed with all the elaborate pomp and circumstance should be the harsh reality that student loans could make them indentured victims…

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2 years ago

Life Doesn’t Have a “Best By” Date

There is salad dressing in my refrigerator that dates back to the Bush administration. And there’s a plastic container in the back that’s growing a chemistry experiment but I’m afraid to look, so I just leave it there. I know when the milk…

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3 years ago

How to Continue to Feel Relevant as a Woman Over 60

A tragic reality occurs when women reach the age of 60. Suddenly we become invisible and irrelevant to the rest of the world. To retain some dignity and purpose, it’s only appropriate to forget the crowing roosters and establish…

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5 years ago

How to Overcome Childhood Fears and Get More from Life After 50

My husband and I recently escaped the snows in Idaho for a first-time vacation in Belize. The travel brochures claimed the water around the tiny island of San Pedro offered some of the world’s best snorkeling, so we signed up for an excursion.
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6 years ago

5 Tips for Reviving the Lost Art of Communication After 60

My adult children communicate by using text messages through their smart phones. I’ll receive a typical text: “Hi Mom. Can you watch the kids this afternoon?” Read More

7 years ago

It’s Time for Back-to-School Bonding with the Grandchildren

According to a recent study by Deloitte, $27 billion will be spent this fall on back-to-school clothes, supplies and accessories for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. I do my best to help the economy and society by spending money and time with my splendid granddaughters. Read More

7 years ago

Senior Travel Surprise: Vacations Are Actually Splendid for New Couples!

We met in our 50s, both divorced and disgruntled with relationships. I agreed to go on a blind date for dinner because I like to eat. Despite our best intentions to remain single forever, we were holding hands by dessert. Life has been sweet ever since.
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