Eve Panzer, a retired school librarian, is passionate about children's literature. Through her Barefoot Librarian business, she sells quality children's books and writes book reviews for First Chapter Plus, Readers Views, and BlueInk Review. She has a Masters in Library Science and has been a children's literature professional since 1999.

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1 month ago

Make Giving a Year-Round Tradition with Your Grandchildren

By the time you are reading this article, most of your holiday preparations will be done. As we enjoy our families and friends, our gifts, our comfortable homes, and delicious feasts, we are reminded that others cannot afford these things…

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3 months ago

How to Explore Diverse Holiday Traditions with Your Grandchildren

The holiday season is upon us. Of course, thoughts go to food, gatherings with family and friends, giving, and gratitude. But it is also a time when we share stories – holiday stories, family stories, and just plain good stories. However, we often share…

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4 months ago

The Holiday Dilemma: What to Gift Your Grandchildren? Books of Course!

If you aren’t sure which books your grandchildren might enjoy, take this opportunity to interact with each of them. Learn what their present interests are and what type/genre of books they read. Selecting books for your grandchildren may seem…

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5 months ago

Grandchildren with Back-To-School Butterflies? These Books Will Calm Them Down

My last article included books to help your grandchildren get ready for school socially and emotionally. The books I am recommending in this article are more traditional, dealing with the uncertainties and anxieties that come every year with the beginning…

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5 months ago

Books to Help Your Grandchildren Polish Their Social Skills in Time for School

School is right around the corner for your grandchildren. The start of school can be challenging in a typical year, but this is not the usual start of school. Many children have been learning remotely and will have to adjust to being with classmates again. Every year, countless back-to-school books flood the market, but many […]

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7 months ago

Grandparents to the Rescue! Save Your Grandchildren from the Summer Reading Slump

Summer means an escape from the rigid schedule and dedicated study that school imposes – a time to have fun. However, exploring and expanding knowledge through reading should continue year-round. As grandparents, you can make reading…

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8 months ago

Grow Your Relationship with Your Grandchildren by Reading Books About Gardens

Growing your relationship with your grandchildren can be like tending a garden. Each grandchild is unique and, like plants, has different needs. Gardening is a great activity to share with your grandchildren because there are many aspects to it…

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9 months ago

Why Reading Aloud to Your Grandchildren Is a Special Gift

As a grandparent, you are in a unique position to enrich, enhance, and positively influence your grandchildren’s lives. One way to do this is often overlooked or undersold – reading aloud with your grandchildren. Books are convenient…

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