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Frances Brown is an author, speaker and writing coach. She is passionate about inspiring others to pursue their creative dreams. Frances also publishes fiction under her pseudonym, Claire Gem. Her mission is to broaden the horizons of women who have accomplished much but yearn to learn and grow even more. Please check out her website at

Latest Posts By Frances Brown

8 months ago

How Reading Books Can Wake Up Your Brain After 60

Are you one of those people who, no matter how much you are enjoying it, simply cannot wait to finish the book you are reading when another interesting title catches your eye? Me too. Unfortunately, a busy schedule limits my dedicated reading time…

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2 years ago

4 Ways That Reading Can Improve the Quality of Your Life After 60

Although I’ve been an avid reader all my life, I’d honestly never heard the term “bibliotherapy” until recently. Apparently, I’ve been out of the loop. The concept of reading books as therapy dates to the ancient Greeks who considered…

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4 years ago

Just Read a Book? Why It’s Important for You to Leave a Book Review

You’ve just finished that last book you picked up from the library, and wow, it was a good one. The story was riveting, the language poetic and the characters so well-developed you feel as though you want to go meet them for tea. Read More

4 years ago

5 Creative Ways to Find Your Next Great Book to Read

Reaching the end of a great book is a bittersweet moment. If the story was fiction, and the characters spoke to your heart, then it’s an emotional high to complete their journey with them. Read More