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Harriet Simonis is a zero-waste & no-plastic enthusiast. Since spending time surfing in Bali, she has wanted to work to reduce the plastic pollution in the sea. When she's not running her eco-friendly business or writing about zero-waste on her website, you can find her on (or under) a surfboard.

Latest Posts By Harriet Simonis

2 years ago

6 Reasons Why Reducing Our Waste Is Crucial for Our Grandchildren’s Future

If you’re worried about the world your children and grandchildren will inherit, you’re not alone. Global warming, an ocean with more plastic than fish and toxic air that can cause diseases. These are just a few things that we could pass onto future generations…

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3 years ago

12 Simple Habits of Waste Reduction Any Mature Woman Can Follow

The smallest things can make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to the environment. Plastic pollution is one of the major causes of environmental degradation in the world. It’s speeding up global warming and is killing our nature…

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