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Helene Hayes is a knitter and a keen observer of international culture. She writes about her passion for self-expression, creativity and fabulous yarns from all over the world and from the Catskills, where she has a small farm. Originally from Denmark, she has a special love for the traditions of cultures for hand-made quality. Please visit her website, Luxe Knitz

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3 years ago

3 Ways to Embrace Creative Knitting and Bring Self-Expression Into Your Life

Many women I talk to say that creativity and self-expression is something they cannot live without, and that perhaps it has become even more important in their life as they age. How do you express yourself? And how do you incorporate creativity in your daily life?

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7 years ago

Exploring Baba Yaga: A New Home Sharing Trend for Older Adults

Have you found, as I have, that at dinner with friends if the discussion moves to future living plans, somebody will suggest – to great laughter and applause – that we all move into a big house together. Read More

7 years ago

Inspiration from Women Artists: Boost Your Creativity in Retirement

If you live near or in a city, you’ll most likely be surrounded by diversity and cultures, different perhaps from your own. And whatever your background, it can be very inspiring to observe the habits of other folks and enjoy the foods, fashions and arts of other cultures.
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