Howard Fishman is a writer. An expat from California, now residing in Spain, Howard is focused on a journalistic second career, sharing insights on the expat experience, the culture of aging, meaningful friendships, generational workplace issues, and the arts that best express who we are at fifty plus. His writings can be found at

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3 months ago

How to Improve the Quality of Your Transition to Retirement

For some, 40 plus years of sweat-equity in a career is a singular accomplishment that can understandably lead to a sense of entitlement. Still others, after decades of paying it forward, might view the moment as an opportunity to pay it back…

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4 months ago

Film Review: Fonda and Tomlin in Moving On

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are at it again. Last year’s follow-up to the seven year run of Grace and Frankie was, 80 For Brady, a whimsical quest to meet and ogle superstar footballer, Tom Brady. Even with the addition of co-stars Sally Field…

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6 months ago

Film Review: Women Talking

The gaunt, stricken faces on the characters of Director Sarah Polley’s Women Talking tell us a great deal about despair. Living within the confines of an isolated religious colony, they have, over the course of their lives, been repeatedly sprayed…

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7 months ago

How Often Do You Go Out and Play with Your Friends?

“Go outside and play with your friends!” That was Mom’s clarion call to us kids back then when friendship was easier. When we were naive, tolerant, open to diversity, and had few boundaries. We were perfect friend-making machines…

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7 months ago

Film Review: Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans

Steven Spielberg slipped into our collective consciousness more than 50 years ago. With a sweeping imagination and spot-on storytelling ability, he has, in film after film, outperformed even the most imposing expectations. And good for all of us that The Fabelmans…

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8 months ago

Chasing Happiness in Retirement

Happiness in retirement is not a given. Not an entitlement. And it’s an illusion to assume that it is. Bestselling author and founder of the Retirement Coaches Association, Robert Laura, said this in regard to the illusion of retirement…

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9 months ago

Making Friends on Foreign Shores Is an Adventure

Developing friendships on foreign shores is an acid test of fortitude. Each time zone crossed takes you further into unchartered territory. Different languages. Tweaked cultural and social mores. You’ve transplanted yourself into a world…

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11 months ago

Has Spain Lived Up to My ExPat Expectations?

We left the United States to dislodge ourselves from the inevitable third act doldrums. My post-career life began to show signs of the common societal memes associated with retirement. The tell-tale lack of energy. An inability to focus. Dare I admit…

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12 months ago

What Day Is It? The Muddled Confusion of a Recent Retiree

I might have under-thought the results of multiple, rapid life changes and how they extract their toll on us retired mortals. Since leaving the workforce and moving six hundred miles to another home within the space of two weeks, I’ve become…

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2 years ago

Is It Downsizing or Tossing Out Tender Memories?

I was a clever gatherer of things. Mostly paper. In neat piles. Inside of drawers. Resting innocuously on shelves. Tucked into boxes that lurked in the shadowy recesses of my garage…

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