Howard Fishman is a writer. An expat from California, now residing in Spain, Howard is focused on a journalistic second career, sharing insights on the expat experience, the culture of aging, meaningful friendships, generational workplace issues, and the arts that best express who we are at fifty plus. His writings can be found at

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4 years ago

Lessons from an Adult Friendship: Remembering Lois

Adult friendships can be difficult to navigate. Friendships forged during younger years, when the canvas of our life has only been lightly sketched upon, are a cozier fit…

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5 years ago

Revealing Retirement Plans to Management: Should You Be Paranoid?

Should you reveal your retirement plans to management? Perhaps. However, before you do so, there are pros, cons, and sometimes serious ramifications to be considered. Read More

6 years ago

Fighting from Within: Connie’s Big Move Against Corporate Ageism

The following is part three of Connie’s story. Go to Part One and Part Two if you have missed the previous installments.

Finding research on ageism in the workplace: easy. Uncovering how individual companies were solving the issue: nearly impossible. Read More

6 years ago

A Dissident is Born: Connie Reacts to Her Experience of Ageism in the Workplace

Stung by a Millennial colleague who’d branded her an old lady, Connie did not drown her sorrows in a glass of Chardonnay. She took stock of the sobering situation with characteristic determination. Read More

6 years ago

Does Experience Matter? Connie’s Story About Ageism in the Workplace

Connie remembered the discomfort of her first business meeting.

A cocky college grad with a newly minted business degree, she entered the conference room tucked inside a bubble of scholastic self-confidence only to leave an hour later with a stunned sense of reality. Read More

7 years ago

Writing a Memoir Can Help You Exorcise Your Childhood Demons

Time brings more confusion as facts and details become threadbare, leaving only the visceral emotion you felt at the moment of impact. That’s where the demons live, directing your life from their secret lair. You might need to bring them out into the light, to see if they can survive scrutiny…

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7 years ago

Jane Fonda, Socrates and the Art of Decision Making After 60

It seems normal to fear big decisions when one is over the age of 60. We’re more risk averse, afraid of ambiguous outcomes and dark shadows that loom around the corners of unexplored territory.

It’s easier to stay safe, maintain the status quo. Read More

7 years ago

How to Reconnect with Your Inner Child and Explore Your Creativity After 60

Imagine you’ve unearthed a time capsule that had been planted deeply into the soil more than fifty years ago, hidden there by a young girl with big dreams. Read More