Jane and Duncan Dempster-Smith are nomadic semi-retirees, baby boomers, travellers, House Sitters and co-founders of To Travel Too https://totraveltoo.com. Their motto is “Age is no barrier when it comes to travel.” Although not yet pensioners, their goal is to travel the world on what is currently the Australian Age Pension of approx. AUD 33,716 (USD 25,110) per year, or AUD 92 (USD 69) per day for two people.

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6 years ago

Sydney, Australia Loves Older Women! Here Are 5 Things to Do When You Get There

Sydney, Australia is a spectacular destination to visit, but the distance to travel here can take anywhere up to 24 hours depending on where you live, so you need to plan your visit well. Read More

6 years ago

11 Tips for Enjoying a Short Trip to Porto, Portugal

When Lonely Planet listed Porto as one of their ‘must see’ destinations for 2017 we just had to include it in our itinerary for the year. Read More

6 years ago

10 Tips for How to Travel on a Budget of $72 a Day

We are celebrating another full travel year on budget! This article summarizes our 2nd year of travelling the world on USD $72 for a couple per day. It is much cheaper for us to travel the world than to sit on the couch in our hometown of Sydney, Australia. Read More

7 years ago

How Traveling to Cuba Ticked All 5 Senses for Us

We have just recently spent four weeks in Cuba travelling from top to bottom and back again. It was one incredible adventure, at times challenging, but we would not have changed what we achieved in that one month at all. Read More

7 years ago

Dubrovnik Holidays: More Than Just a Games of Thrones and Star Wars Set

Can you believe that one small city in Croatia can be the movie set for Games of Thrones, Star Wars and Robin Hood? Games of Throne and Robin Hood we can imagine, but Star Wars? That city is Dubrovnik, A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read More

7 years ago

Senior Travel Secret: Hostels Are Not Just for the Young

Have you shied away from staying in hostels because you thought you were just not the right age?

Since 2013 we have been on the road continuously travelling and have stayed at many hostels in the last three years. I was hesitant at first; I thought there may be an age gap.

How wrong I was. Read More

7 years ago

6 Excuses that Stop Us from Traveling After 60 and What to Do About Them

Do you have fears that stop you travelling in general? Will 2017 differ from any other year?

We at To Travel Too recently asked 100 travellers over 60 to share what would stop them from travelling in 2017. The results are in and they are really interesting. Do any of their comments resonate with you? Read More

7 years ago

How I Learned to Avoid Senior Scams, While Traveling, the Hard Way

Do you think as Baby Boomers we­ are more of a target for thieves and scammers? Are we really that vulnerable? One thing I do know is that it is the most stressful part of travel if it happens to you. Read More

7 years ago

Ever Thought of Taking a Road Trip in Spain? What’s Stopping You?

Does the idea of taking a road trip in Spain appeal to you?

Perhaps you remember when actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Chef Mario Batali made a 13-part TV series back in 2008 called “Spain On the Road Again.” They made the trip with food writer Mark Bittman and actress Claudio Bassols. Read More

7 years ago

Travelling the World in Retirement with Only a Carry-on, Plus Our Packing List

Our lifestyle is now minimalistic so our travel style should represent the same.

Since 2013, we have travelled the world with too much luggage. Do you know the feeling? How many times have you packed clothes or even shoes that you didn’t even wear? Our goal was to travel lighter and smarter! Read More