Jane and Duncan Dempster-Smith are nomadic semi-retirees, baby boomers, travellers, House Sitters and co-founders of To Travel Too https://totraveltoo.com. Their motto is “Age is no barrier when it comes to travel.” Although not yet pensioners, their goal is to travel the world on what is currently the Australian Age Pension of approx. AUD 33,716 (USD 25,110) per year, or AUD 92 (USD 69) per day for two people.

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2 years ago

Looking for Friendly Boomer Destinations? Here Are 3 You Will Surely Enjoy

We have been travelling the world full time since 2013, and in our travels, we have found some great destinations that we have enjoyed. We think that you will enjoy them too…

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2 years ago

9 Useful Tips When Travelling as a Senior Couple on a Budget

Budgets! You either hate them or love them. Since 2013, we have been nomads – travelling the world having adventures and writing for our lifestyle website To Travel Too. We have grown to love our travel budget!

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2 years ago

7 Things Every Woman Over 60 Should Take with Her When Traveling

How daunting it is to pack for your holiday! It is confusing, tricky and frustrating, but I think I got it right – now, after 6 years.

Since 2013, I have been travelling the world. I first out with a 100-litre bag, then a 65-litre bag and now just with a carry on and a daypack. Read More

3 years ago

10 Tips on Driving the Champagne Route of France in Your 60s

Who enjoys drinking French champagne? Or, more accurately, who doesn’t?

French champagne conjures up images of special celebrations, a touch of luxury or just those unique, unforgettable moments in your life. There is nothing that I like more than a chilled ‘glass of bubbles’ any time of the day. Read More

3 years ago

What’s the Best Luggage for Older Women On the Go? Let’s Unpack the Answer!

What type of traveller are you?

Are you the one that agonises over your travel outfits, pulls out the biggest suitcase, fills it up with all your favourite dresses, tops, trousers, scarves and 20 pairs of shoes for a week’s holiday and then only wears two outfits the whole time? Read More

3 years ago

17 Toiletry and Makeup Essentials for Women Travellers Over 60

Do you find it a struggle packing for your next trip? More often than not, packing clothes and shoes is the most difficult part. For those of us who travel with only a carry-on, what we carry in our toiletries bag can have us ‘pulling our hair out’ with all the regulations in place. Read More

3 years ago

Looking for Affordable Travel? Be a Tourist in Your Home Town!

It’s hot, very hot! The turquoise blue water is glistening and there is only a gentle movement of waves as our ferry glides through Sydney Harbour on our way from Manly to Circular Quay. Read More

3 years ago

Is the Life of a Roving Retiree for You?

My husband and I ‘fired’ the corporate world early! We had enough of late night teleconference calls. Not to mention we were tired of long hours spent commuting to work and the little time we had for ourselves and each other. Read More

3 years ago

Sydney, Australia Loves Older Women! Here Are 5 Things to Do When You Get There

Sydney, Australia is a spectacular destination to visit, but the distance to travel here can take anywhere up to 24 hours depending on where you live, so you need to plan your visit well. Read More

4 years ago

11 Tips for Enjoying a Short Trip to Porto, Portugal

When Lonely Planet listed Porto as one of their ‘must see’ destinations for 2017 we just had to include it in our itinerary for the year. Read More