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Jules’ 50-word bio: Jules is passionate about improving human health, particularly for women over 60. She is a science writer by background, after studying the science of DNA at King's College London. She has spent decades translating complex subjects into actionable insights, most recently in the field of longevity.

Latest Posts By Jules Walters

9 months ago

How to Start Squash Without Looking Like an Idiot

Twenty years ago, Forbes rated squash as the world’s best sport for fitness, ahead of rowing, rock climbing, cross-country skiing and swimming. It rated squash for endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and a low risk of injury…

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10 months ago

How I’m Staying Strong with Protein

We all know how confusing food advice can be. Eat this. Don’t eat that! And a quick search on Amazon will come up with tens of thousands books on diets. We’re overwhelmed by conflicting advice. Personally, I like to go back to science and think…

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11 months ago

How I’m Working on Stopping Osteopenia in Its Tracks

I have always tried to keep healthy, so it was a shock 18 months ago to discover I had osteopenia in my lower spine. I’d decided to have a routine DEXA imaging scan and discovered that my score for bone mineral density was in the range of osteopenia…

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12 months ago

It’s International Women’s Day: What’s to Celebrate in Health This Year?

Each year on March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day and the achievements that are helping to create a more possible world for women. So how have we done in the past year? Is the world a fairer and more equal place when it comes to women’s health?

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