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Julia Anderson is founder-contributor at where she writes about money and life after 60. An award-winning financial and business news writer, Julia is the Smart Money columnist for the Portland Oregon Tribune. She also appears in the Smart Money YouTube series from TVCTV in Beaverton, Oregon.

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3 years ago

6 Meaningful Steps to Take Charge of End of Life Care

Those of us who have watched our parents slip into old age, face multiple health challenges and then pass through death’s door, know that the end-of-life journey can be tricky. Modern medicine has made old age more possible…

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5 years ago

5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Financial Future After 60

Women are more likely than men to underrate themselves when it comes to investing. Yet women are usually in charge of household budgets, are more willing to save for the long-term and are better bargain hunters…

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6 years ago

Getting Married After 60? Here Are 5 Ways to Give You and Your Partner Peace of Mind

The recent marriage of long-time public radio host Diane Rehm was written up in The Washington Post with the attention to detail that big weddings in big cities receive. Coverage focused on the flowers, her dress, the post-ceremony dinner party and their love story…

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