Kathy Arthurson (PhD), writer, researcher and yoga teacher, is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for healthful aging. Her latest book, Yoga Years: True Stories of How Yoga Transforms Aging, provides inspiring true tales and tips for living a happier, healthier and more contented life. You can visit Kathy’s website at https://www.kathyarthursonyoga.com/.

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3 months ago

Why Laughter Yoga Is the Best Medicine for Over Sixties

Initially, I was skeptical about Laughter Yoga. But I soon changed my mind. Let me tell you why. I’ve long been a devotee of traditional yoga and no fan of spin-offs. There’s lots of them, Beer Yoga, Goat Yoga and Laughter Yoga, just to name a few…

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5 months ago

Two Things to Stop Saying as a Woman Over 60

Do you ever notice your own self-talk (inner voice) about growing older? At its best, self-talk is a cheerleader, spurring us on to try new experiences. At its worst, it’s a harsh inner critic. Let’s face it, there’s so much ill-ease about aging out there…

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7 months ago

Osteoporosis: 3 Natural Ways for Better Bone Health

When I received the results of my recent bone scan it wasn’t good news. I’ve always been physically active, but I am slightly built, a major risk factor for osteoporosis. While drugs are effective for some, side effects are severe for others…

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8 months ago

The 4 Essential Restorative Yoga Poses for Pet Grief

Elvis picked me. We met in the Russian Blue cat breeder’s lounge room. The other kittens ran around, ignoring me. Elvis trotted over, paused for a quizzical look, then jumped into my lap. He purred, I petted, he curled up and slept. Smitten, I took him home…

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9 months ago

3 Good Reasons Why NOT Everyone Over 60 Needs to Do Kegels

Are you diligently doing Kegels and finding it’s not helping your pelvic health at all? Perhaps you are experiencing involuntary loss of urine or urgent messages to find the bathroom (urge incontinence)? The very symptoms Kegels are meant…

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10 months ago

3 Good Reasons to Take Up Yoga After 60

For a long time, I’ve wondered why yoga teachers (even in their 80s or 90s) are so youthful and full of vigor and joy. Is it due to particular yoga poses, lifestyle, or something else? I put this question, as inspiration for my new book, to 14 yoga teachers…

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