Dr. Kent Sasse, an Alpha Omega Alpha top medical school graduate of UCSF, earned fellowship at the prestigious Lahey Clinic in Boston and published research on pelvic floor therapy and metabolic surgery. He founded and directs The Continence Center and the nationally accredited Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery program in Reno, Nevada. His most recent book is Outpatient Weight-Loss Surgery.

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4 weeks ago

Obesity Isn’t a Personal Failing – It’s a Classic Environmental Disease

I’ve had so many patients, friends and colleagues ask me this simple question: “Why, with the obesity epidemic running wild, are we so unsuccessful at finding solutions for it, and preventing it or solving it? Can it really be that it’s just our fault as humans…

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2 months ago

Seniors Could See the Biggest Benefits from Metabolic Surgery

A pair of recent published studies examined the benefits of weight loss surgery among different age groups. The results are surprising to some, in that the most measurable benefits, including a clear gain in life expectancy…

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3 months ago

Adult Diapers and Pads Aren’t a Business Opportunity – They’re a Tragedy

If you read the financial press, you may be struck by a barrage of exciting articles about a growth industry that is poised to become a $20 billion market in the near future. Fortune Business Insights, Reuters, and numerous other market outlets are talking…

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4 months ago

How Much Weight Can You Expect to Lose After Weight loss Surgery?

Having realistic expectations is helpful before jumping into weight loss surgery. Among the most common questions we hear is how much weight someone can expect to lose following their procedure. Pounds lost is important, but so are other…

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5 months ago

Is It Possible to Treat Type 2 Diabetes with Long-Term Effects?

As the type 2 diabetes epidemic continues to grow, the most emphasized treatment may surprise you. In the latest update to the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, the guidelines put forward by the American Diabetes Association…

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6 months ago

7 Treatment Options for Bladder and Bowel Leakage

For most people, the problem of bladder and bowel accidents, or incontinence, stems from loss of one or both integral parts of the system that must work together to empty the bladder and the rectum normally and without leakage or accidents…

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7 months ago

I’m Over 55 – Should I Get the Covid-19 Vaccine?

At this stage, most of what we’re hearing is frustration about the slow pace of the vaccine rollout. But gradually, the effort is picking up steam, and we are moving toward delivering one to one and a half and possibly one day soon…

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8 months ago

Is Metabolic Surgery Safe for Seniors?

You have undoubtedly heard of metabolic surgery, but it might be more familiar to you under another name: bariatric surgery or weight-loss surgery. All three refer to the surgical procedures that have evolved over the last 75 years…

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9 months ago

Don’t Believe the Old Adage – Bladder Leakage Isn’t Normal at Any Age

You are not alone; tens of millions of Americans experience leakage of urine from the bladder or the bowels. It’s a condition that causes frustration and embarrassment, and it can be both unhygienic and even dangerous…

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10 months ago

My Bladder Sling Failed – Now What?

Bladder leakage must rank as one of the most frustrating of problems. The gradual worsening and escalation from panty liners to pads to diapers feels like a most unwelcome sign of the body breaking down…

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