Kevin has gone through an extensive home renovation with his son. He has both thoroughly enjoyed the process and dreaded every morning. He is now the proud owner of half his dream house (the other half has been waiting for spring). You can read more of Kevin’s work on

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1 week ago

When Gardening Is Your Passion, Grow Veggies Indoors!

For city dwellers, having a vegetable garden may seem like a pie in the sky. However, growing veggies indoors can be done and is actually a lot easier than most people think – it’s a phenomenal, low-maintenance alternative to nurturing an actual outdoor…

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4 months ago

Yard Improvements Worth Investing in After 60

Naturally, if you are looking to spend your retirement in place, you want your yard to be comfortable, safe, and conducive to aging as well as for it to look beautiful. Thankfully, there are yard solutions out there that will ensure age never becomes a problem…

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6 months ago

6 Herbs to Plant on Your Balcony or Small Garden

When you live in a city, you might not have much room for gardening. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have the space for it at all – your apartment probably has a patio, a balcony, a fire escape, or even a tiny concrete garden…

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9 months ago

Preparing Your Backyard for Spring Planting

Having the right plants makes gardening much easier. Still, they can’t do all the work for you. Every garden requires a lot of preparation and maintenance. And pretty soon, you will be caught up in a frenzy of seed sowing, nurturing…

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11 months ago

Interior Work That Can Be Done During the Cold Winter Months

Even with all the holiday cheer packed in the cold months, the winter blues can easily creep up on you. Don’t let the cold keep you down. Doing some interior work in your home is a great way to ward off cabin fever during those…

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12 months ago

Safe Installation of Christmas Decoration – Inside and Outside

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to start preparing for the holiday season. Even if your kids and grandkids decide not to drop in this year, you still may want to make sure that your home is merry inside and out. This means setting up…

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1 year ago

How to Get Your House and Yard Ready for Winter Season

The cold days of winter are ahead of us. It won’t take long before the seasons completely change. This is when you should prepare your house and yard for the upcoming winter and help them wait for the spring looking their best…

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1 year ago

10 Best Solutions to Fill the Extra Space in Your Garden

Everybody likes a pretty garden. The sights, scents, and sounds of a lovely-looking backyard make us feel happy and calm. It’s almost like having an extra room to relax in while you’re surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers…

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