Lily Temmer is a website designer, content creator, and marketer. Previously, Lily was an award winning Realtor on Chicago’s Gold Coast. She has written four novels and four collections of short stories, and her prose was deemed “flawless” by Kirkus Reviews. Lily loves teaching people how to brand their businesses and stand out from their competition.

Latest Posts By Lily Temmer

7 months ago

The Importance of Blogging Properly for SEO and Ranking

When you learn to blog the right way, you can serve your audience and help your content rise through the rankings to the first page of Google, regardless of the nature of your business. As search engines get smarter…

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8 months ago

How to Create Your Brand Voice

When branding your small business, you will not only have to decide on brand colors, logos, and images, but you will have to create a brand voice in which you will speak to your audience…

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10 months ago

Keeping Up with Your Business Competitors in the Covid Era

Perhaps one day in the near future, Covid will peter out through vaccinations and less virulent strains. However, the way we do business has been forever altered. We have realized that remote work and e-Commerce stores are not only less…

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11 months ago

Is It Possible to Brand My Small Business?

These days, branding is a word that is bandied about freely. Everyone, from celebrities to wanna-be influencers, is trying to brand themselves or their business. You may be thinking, that’s okay for famous people or big businesses but what about…

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12 months ago

Can I Turn My Passion into a Viable Business?

Women are living longer than ever and are remaining vital into advanced old age. As a result, it is possible that we will outlive our significant others and our savings or will need to supplement our retirement income. Additionally, many of us who have aged…

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