Liz Kitchens is the author of Be Brave. Lose the Beige! Boldly Breaking the Rules after 50. Her blog, Be Brave. Lose the Beige! focuses on women of the Baby Boomer Generation, Lady Boomers, as she has dubbed them. Liz is the founder of What’s Next Boomer? a website dedicated to helping Baby Boomers navigate retirement or semi-retirement options. Liz can be contacted at

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1 month ago

Brother Time and Sister Space

According to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, time and space are dimensions of the Time-Space Continuum. I picture the two dimensions as members of the same family, envisioning a sibling rivalry between time and his sister space…

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3 months ago

Reminiscing About My Post-Thanksgiving Gratitude 

Perhaps it was the Thanksgiving holiday that made me look at my life through grateful eyes. The day after Thanksgiving a series of exchanges and events occurred that made me feel especially thankful…

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4 months ago

Creativity Is an Essential Ingredient in Healthy Communities

Eureka! Finally! Science and medicine are catching up with the arts! Members of these esteemed communities are now acknowledging that creativity is good for you in the same way physical exercise and good nutrition is…

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6 months ago

Can Mini Adventures Enrich the Spirit? Oh Yes!

Adventures don’t have to be big and bold. Adventures come in many sizes and forms and help us feel young again. I like taking mini adventures that sometimes aren’t planned but thrust on you like when you are riding your bike in the afternoon…

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7 months ago

An Ode to Dogs on National Dog Day

National Dog Day is celebrated each year on August 26. The buoyancy our furry friends provide is balm for our Covid-weary spirits. Pets made great companions during the throes of the pandemic. I experienced separation anxiety when we felt…

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8 months ago

Want to Make God Laugh? Make a Plan 

Dear God, I hope miracles are still in your wheelhouse because I sure need a couple right now. I have been sick for the past few days. Please help me surrender my raggedy breath, snotty nose, and fierce, shuddering cough to your (hopefully) healing hands…

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9 months ago

Discovering the Power of Words in 4 Generations of Women

I’m pretty psyched. I completed what turned out to be the fourth or even fifth, actually more likely the fifteenth, set of revisions on my book. It has been a three-year project, and I have my community to thank for this feat…

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11 months ago

Why I’m a Huge Fan of Author Ann Lamott’s Writing and Wisdom

I’m a big fan of writer Ann Lamott and follow her on Facebook. She recently posted about turning 68. To arrive at this age, she says, means you weren’t born yesterday. It means you have experienced a great deal – friends and family ravaged…

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1 year ago

A Hospital Experience I Will Never Forget

As our parents crested toward their 70s, we weren’t surprised when they began experiencing health issues requiring our attention. It was the natural order of things. That’s what happens when people grow old. While we might have been overwhelmed…

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1 year ago

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving: Grateful for Nintendo Animal Crossing

I confess to having blue expectations about Thanksgiving this year. Our kids and friends had other plans or were too far away to make traveling accessible. The holiday does not really have enough days built in to justify the expense…

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