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Reminiscing About My Post-Thanksgiving Gratitude 

By Liz Kitchens December 08, 2022 Mindset

Perhaps it was the Thanksgiving holiday that made me look at my life through grateful eyes. The day after Thanksgiving a series of exchanges and events occurred that made me feel especially thankful.

Thankful for My iPhone Enabling Connections

I was thankful for my iPhone that enabled me to participate in a three-way conversation with my son, daughter, and grandson, who periodically chimed in from his perch in the back seat of the car.

Brother Time suspended his tight grasp on my life, allowing me to luxuriate in the space of this interaction between three of my favorite people. My son teases his sister and me in a way his wife and daughter won’t permit; the primordial family familiarity allowing for these lighthearted exchanges. 

I felt grateful.

Thankful for Time to Play

Two of my favorite things are being outside and playing games. I’m in heaven when the two coincide as they did that Friday when my husband and I played golf with good friends.

There is something excruciatingly satisfying about whacking a ball on the sweet spot of the club followed by watching it accurately arc in the direction you intend (I just wish that happened with more consistency). The breezy 75-degree weather provided such a happy playground. 

I felt grateful.

Thankful That Brother Time Released His Grip on My Day

Hungry following a shopping mission, my husband and I popped into a restaurant for an early meal. Seats were open at the bar, so we ordered wine and appetizers. We talked and reminisced about previous holidays. It was fun. 

Once again, Brother Time loosened his grip, releasing Sister Space’s free spirit. 2022 has posed some health challenges for my husband, so I was grateful for this oasis.

The only way to suspend the onslaught of time is by fully inhabiting the moments of our lives and being present. My day felt elongated, filled as it was with meaningful exchanges.

I was and am grateful to see my life from a fresh perspective.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Did the Thanksgiving holiday provide you with insights into life? What are you grateful for past Thanksgiving?

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