Lois Carter Crawford is a freelance editor, writer and blogger. She loves to cook, talk about food and share her recipes on Recipe Idea Shop. Each of her recipe blog posts includes a nutrition label and a photo of the finished recipe. Crawford is also coauthor of Secrets of the Softer Side of Selling http://www.softersideofselling.com, a sales training book. Subscribe to her free weekly email recipe newsletter at http://recipeideashop.com.

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4 months ago

Don’t Wait! Here Are 5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Health After 50

For many years, I suffered pain in my joints, insomnia and bouts of gastric distress. I was overweight and stressed. I talked to my doctor about my pain and symptoms, and her response was, “Lois, you’re getting older. It’s osteoarthritis…

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7 months ago

Over 60? It May Be Time to Change Your Lipstick!

At nearly 65 years old, I am starting to wear lipstick. Why? I’m moving into that “pink lady” stage where my scalp is pink and shows through my hair, but the rest of me is losing some of its freshness. As I age, to my dismay…

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2 years ago

5 Ways to Reinvent Yourself as a Long-distance Grandma, While Getting to Know Your Grandkids Better

Sometimes I worry about what my grandchildren will remember about me. I don’t live near them, and now with Covid, I don’t get to see them often. Does this worry you, too? In today’s world – with grandparents living far away…

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2 years ago

7 Reasons to Keep Cooking Healthy and Delicious Daily Meals at Home

Are you still cooking meals at home? How many meals do you think you have made in your life? I have easily made more than 12,000 meals for my family, friends, guests and to take to potluck suppers. That’s a lot of cooking…

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3 years ago

Hosting a Party? Don’t Make Your Guests Sick

When I host a party, I do my best to provide a variety of foods to allow my guests to choose at least a couple of options that meet their nutritional restrictions. I also ask my guests what food allergies or sensitivities they have so that I can make sure I avoid them. Read More

6 years ago

6 Ways to Show Your Support When a Friend Gets Sick

Lately, it seems that every week I learn more of my friends are waiting for test results or battling some debilitating illness. The older I get, the more frequently it happens. Are you encountering this? How do you help your friends and protect your own health and happiness? Read More

6 years ago

6 Creative Birthday Gifts for Women Over 60 That Won’t Clutter Up the House

“What do you want for your birthday?” That’s a tough one, isn’t it? But seriously, the last thing retired people need is more stuff. It’s a time when we are trying to get rid of all the items we no longer use. In a few years, we expect to move to a smaller place, right? Read More