Marcia Smalley is a certified life coach, retirement coach, writer and teacher. She delights in helping mid-life women step confidently into their next act and design a joyous, expanded life. Marcia supports women by providing individual coaching and by conducting on-line Women’s Circles. Please visit her website at

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4 years ago

4 Ways to Get What You Want in Retirement

I don’t consider myself ‘retired,’ but I do include myself among those who are retooling their lives now that a full-time job is a thing of the past. I’ve written previously for Sixty and Me about living a happy retired life, one without career demands. Read More

4 years ago

3 Ways Retirement Can Take You by Surprise

Every life transition has both peaks and valleys. We become excited about new possibilities, yet we can’t avoid the shadows. Transitioning into retirement isn’t any different. It’s a glorious and fun-filled time of life. And it has a darker side. Read More

4 years ago

3 Reasons We’re More Joyful at 60 and Beyond

A lot is being written these days about the joy we’re finding at 60 and in the decades beyond. But is this counter-intuitive? After all, our lifetime is winding down, we’re facing a lot of endings, and our next chapters are undeniably shorter than our first. Read More

4 years ago

Fighting Invisible Time Bandits: Get the Most from the Time You Have Left

I have a love/hate relationship with time. I used to feel like I had all the time I needed. It could drag on forever. Or maybe that was only true when I was five.

Around the age of 50, I started telling myself a scary story, the one where I’m running out of time. Read More

4 years ago

What Can Our Dogs Teach Us About Positive Aging?

Life lessons come in all sizes, and often life’s teachers are from unlikely places. In particular, our animal friends, both domestic and wild, have a lot to teach us. Read More

5 years ago

Is Retirement All About Reinvention?

Our generation likes to turn things on their ears.

We’ve exerted a lot of energy reshaping the world. Women’s rights (hats off to Gloria Steinem), rock ‘n roll (thank you, Woodstock), technology (kudos to Steve Jobs) and politics (sorry).

So it’s no surprise that Baby Boomers are now rethinking The Golden Years. Read More