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3 days ago

Nurturing Physical Well-Being Amidst Estrangement: A Heartfelt Guide for Parents Over 60

Estrangement from a child is a profoundly emotional and heart-wrenching experience, regardless of age. For parents over 60, the added layers of age-related concerns can make this situation even more complex…

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1 month ago

How to Deal with Estranged Adult Kids When You Did Your Best

Dealing with the estrangement of adult children, especially after putting forth your utmost effort as a parent, is undoubtedly one of life’s most heart-wrenching experiences. Being disconnected despite having dedicated years to their upbringing…

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2 months ago

Actionable Plan for Estranged Parents Over 60

Estrangement from an adult child can be an incredibly distressing and tumultuous experience, especially for parents over 60. The deep pain and grief resulting from severed ties and the longing for reconnection can impact your emotional well-being. The uncertainty of the situation may weigh heavily on your heart, causing overwhelming waves of sadness and anxiety. […]

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3 months ago

5 Ways to Be Gentle with Yourself When Dealing with Parent-Adult Child Estrangement

Parent-adult child estrangement is a complex and deeply challenging experience. It can be overwhelming, leaving parents with feelings of guilt, shame, and grief. This article offers guidance on navigating this painful journey, emphasizing…

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4 months ago

Estrangement and Your Mental Health: A Guide for Parents Over 60

As a parent over 60, you may have thought your relationship with your adult children was solid and unbreakable. However, estrangement can happen to anyone, regardless of age or circumstances. If you find yourself estranged…

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5 months ago

What Kinds of Parents Are Less Likely to Be Estranged?

Parenting is a complex and rewarding journey that comes with its own set of challenges. As parents age, they may wonder what kind of parents are not at risk for estrangement from their adult children. While every family and every relationship is unique…

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6 months ago

Are You 60 and Navigating Adult Child Estrangement and Mental Health Issues?

Estrangement is already an extremely delicate and challenging situation, and it becomes even more tricky to navigate with mental illness. The ups and downs of having an adult child with mental illness could create a nightmarish dynamic of confusion and sadness…

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7 months ago

What Contributes to Estrangement? A Matter of Perspective

Estrangement is complicated and deals with perspectives from many different angles. Estrangement can be challenging to navigate emotionally since both estranged parties likely want to solidify who is to blame…

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8 months ago

What Makes Adult Children Pick the Road of Estrangement?

Estrangement, the widespread and stigmatized condition describing cutting off one family member from one or more family members, is becoming increasingly common. Estrangement can mean cutting ties completely…

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9 months ago

Estrangement – How Journaling Can Transform Your Heartache into Acceptance 

Estrangement is the widespread condition where one family member intentionally cuts off from one or more family members. Estrangement hits 27 percent of the United States’ population. Estranged individuals and those that choose…

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