Marie Morin is a therapist and wellness coach at Morin Holistic Therapy. She helps women develop a daily self-care routine, so they overcome perfectionism and limiting beliefs and be their most confident selves. Marie is a grateful blogger and YouTuber. Find out more at and contact her at

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4 weeks ago

What Makes Adult Children Pick the Road of Estrangement?

Estrangement, the widespread and stigmatized condition describing cutting off one family member from one or more family members, is becoming increasingly common. Estrangement can mean cutting ties completely…

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2 months ago

Estrangement – How Journaling Can Transform Your Heartache into Acceptance 

Estrangement is the widespread condition where one family member intentionally cuts off from one or more family members. Estrangement hits 27 percent of the United States’ population. Estranged individuals and those that choose…

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3 months ago

60 and Estranged from an Adult Child? How Not to Deal with It

Estrangement is a widespread and stigmatized condition when an individual cuts ties with one or more family members. Over one-quarter of the population deals with either an adult child or another family member’s decision to disconnect…

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4 months ago

Mental Health Impact of Estrangement

Estrangement describes the condition where a person experiences physical and/or emotional distance from one or more family members. If you’ve been estranged, someone decided that leaving the relationship was a necessary act of self-preservation…

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5 months ago

How to Move Past the Wounds of Estrangement and Find Relief

Feeling numb, dumbfounded, angry, and depressed over the angst of being cut off from a family member is expected. Estrangement can occur with adult children, mothers, fathers, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and grandchildren…

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6 months ago

60 and Estranged? 3 Keys to Go from Stressed to Wellness

How can you go about daily life when you feel rejected, hurt, sad, angry, and you’re not yourself? The key to moving forward and getting out of stuck is to focus on your wellness. The emotional stress of estrangement can take its toll on one’s mental…

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7 months ago

Gratitude Can Change Your Life – 3 Tips from Betty White

Betty White died in December, a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday. She was an American icon who was fiercely adored for her incredible comic timing and brilliance. She was a firecracker in my book. Funny, witty, and determined to create her art for eight decades…

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7 months ago

How Journaling at 60 Can Help You Heal from the Grief of Estrangement with Your Adult Child

Estrangement from an adult child is an emotional and/or physical distance that is emotionally troublesome for all involved. The complicated nature of the process and elements of estrangement are as varied as the individual stories…

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8 months ago

60 and Estranged? When Not to Reconcile

Estrangement is widespread, complicated, and harms all involved. Perhaps you have chosen to cut off from a family member out of necessity. Your experience may include abuse, poor parenting, parental alienation, divorce, poor communication…

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9 months ago

60 and Estranged? What You Need to Know About Happiness and 3 Keys to Personal Growth

Family estrangement for women in their 60s is more common than you think. More than 70 million people in the United States report experiencing estrangement from family members. For some, estrangement is a choice due to self-preservation…

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