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Martha Bodyfelt is a divorce recovery coach who helps professional divorced women over 50 overcome their divorce loneliness and break free from the patterns keeping them stuck so they can feel fulfilled, have more fun, and live fearlessly. To find out what's *really* keeping you stuck after divorce, take the 30-second quiz.

Latest Posts By Martha Bodyfelt

6 years ago

Surviving a Divorce After 60? What to Do When Things Are Not Going Your Way

The New Year brings a lot of promise for women going through or recovering from divorce. Yet for some of us, there are still a lot of challenges and mixed feelings. Read More

7 years ago

How to Uncover the Secret to Happiness After 50

As we continue this new chapter in our lives, redefining who we want to be after 50, I often hear a common question.

“How can I be happy?”

This million-dollar question seems to be on everybody’s minds. Read More

7 years ago

Life After a Divorce: What to Do When You’re Feeling Lost

Divorce after 50 can make you feel like everything you’ve known has been taken from you. The life you planned and your vision of the future may disappear, leaving you with a feeling of not knowing what to do or where to go from here.

But when you feel like this, don’t panic! There is merely one thing you must remember: Read More

8 years ago

Divorced at 60? How to Deal with Your Grief and Start Healing

Grief is a tricky thing. We understand the process during the death of a loved one but forget its role during divorce, especially if when ending a decades-long marriage. Read More

8 years ago

Divorce After 50 Can Be Heartbreaking and Liberating

Divorce after 50 is especially tough on women. For years, divorce was stigmatized and many women were left to feel ashamed by their situation. They felt like it was their fault and that they didn’t deserve a chance to start over. Read More