Dr. Max Cynader is one of Canada's leading Neuroscientists. Winner of many awards (Order of Canada, Order of British Columbia, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Medical Hall of Fame), he is the Founding Director of the University of British Columbia's Brain Research Centre and Centre for Brain Health. His research focuses on Neurodegeneration and The Aging Brain.

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6 months ago

The Amazing Domino Effect of the 5 Health Pillars for Stunning Brain Health

Science is constantly evolving, but when it comes to our brain health, there are some elements that we know have a serious impact on the health and longevity of one of our most important organs. Your brain health depends on five major lifestyle pillars…

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7 months ago

Remembering My Dad on Father’s Day

My father was a decent and thoughtful man whose life was shattered by World War Two. An accountant by training, he arrived in Canada, penniless and unable to speak English, with a young family in tow. It was a classic immigrant success story. We weren’t wealthy…

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8 months ago

Make Mother’s Day about Wellness and Self-Care

We can all agree that mothers do it all; a feat that requires a lot of brain power! As we age and the kids grow up, we often lose the efficiency that we used to have by constantly engaging in all of these activities. But a healthy mind is a happy one, and it’s important…

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9 months ago

Lions, Cortisol and Chronic Stress: Living with your Anxious Brain

You probably already knew this, but chronic stress is bad for your health. It’s no thanks to the pandemic that many of us have given our trusty stress-management practices a backseat, replaced by even more of the cortisol-filled thoughts than before it started…

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11 months ago

5 Ways to Practice Self-Love on Valentine’s Day According to Neuroscience

Valentine’s Day is here. We’re all used to showering our appreciation on the ones we love on that day. But what if we shifted our focus to loving ourselves instead? The past year has been tough, but taking time for ourselves can lead to…

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12 months ago

4 Ways to Combat the Winter Gloom According to Brain Science

For many of us, winter can feel like a season that just drags on and on and on. Shorter days, colder temperatures, and more precipitation are perfect for putting us in a constant state of misery. Mix that in with the post-holiday blues…

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1 year ago

4 Easy New Year’s Resolutions To Achieve Lifelong Brain Health

Covid-19 might have ruined 2020 but that doesn’t mean that 2021 has to be a bad year. A new year gives you an incentive to start new healthy habits that can lead to a better and happier aging. But what activities should boomers be…

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