Michele Meier Vosberg, Ph.D. is a writer and freelance educator. She left her career of over thirty years in order to create the life of her dreams. She is passionate about helping others understand their unique personality and gifts and design their best lives. Michele is married, has two grown daughters and lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Connect with Michele at http://liferedesign101.com

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2 years ago

8 Powerful Retirement Lessons I Learned in a University Class

Several years ago, my husband and I took a retirement class. This was not one of those fancy dinners in an expensive steak house given by investment firms looking to solicit business, but an actual class taught through a university extension…

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3 years ago

You Won’t Believe My Secret Weapon for Dressing Well as a Woman Over 60

Do you consider yourself well-dressed? Are you a fashionista?

Some women over 60 were fashion icons in their earlier years and remain as such today. They know what looks best and wear what they are both comfortable in and what makes them look fabulous. Others follow the latest trends, chasing an image that may be more fantasy than reality. Read More

4 years ago

6 Reasons to Attend Your 40th Class Reunion

Do you attend class reunions or avoid them? I have friends who regularly organize class reunions and other friends who wouldn’t go even if they were paid to attend. I’ve been on both sides – eagerly attending some reunions and dismissing others. Read More

4 years ago

How to Pack and Travel Anywhere with a Carry On Bag

We have probably all traveled with too many bags. We struggle through the airport and try not to topple over on the escalator. We scramble to find a luggage cart or a porter and then cross our fingers when…

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4 years ago

5 Downsizing Dilemmas and How to Deal with Them

As we age, we are often looking to downsize or eliminate clutter and excess. Many of us embrace the concept of living with fewer things to maintain and that tie us down. The reality is that actually releasing our things can be challenging.
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5 years ago

Downsizing Can Be Fun! Lessons from Joyful Decluttering

Do you live in a beautiful clutter-free space? Many of us aspire to live in a stress-free, orderly home. We seriously undertake an occasional decluttering marathon. Read More

5 years ago

7 Travel Mistakes Almost All Women Over 60 Make

Many of us love to travel, but we don’t like the hassles that can come with it. Travel can involve long days, unexpected delays, missed connections and long lines at security checkpoints. Days spent in transit can leave us feeling frustrated and exhausted. Read More