Michele Meier Vosberg, Ph.D. is a writer and freelance educator. She left her career of over thirty years in order to create the life of her dreams. She is passionate about helping others understand their unique personality and gifts and design their best lives. Michele is married, has two grown daughters and lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Connect with Michele at http://liferedesign101.com

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2 days ago

5 Reasons Why It’s So Difficult to Redesign Your Life After 60 – and How to Conquer Them!

We all want to live lives of meaning. We want to find a purpose for our days and feel fulfilled in knowing we give something to the world. We also want to enjoy our time and enjoy the fruit of the labors…

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6 days ago

9 Habits You Can Cultivate to Prevent Turning into a Grumpy Old Woman

You probably know a grumpy old person. They aren’t fun to be around, and if you let them, they can suck all of the energy out of a room. It is difficult to be in the company of a grumpy old person – male or female – and when we must, we often do it out of obligation…

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2 weeks ago

10 Things from Your Childhood that You Should Start Doing Again in Your 60s

Do you remember playing as a child? Without work or obligations, you were free to wander around, use your imagination and indulge in things just for the sake of doing them. Play was relaxing and fun…

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3 months ago

Downsizing Benefits for the 60-Something Woman: Are You Ready to Explore Them?

Downsizing, whether by choice or necessity, is a common occurrence for people in mid-life and beyond. Many people feel the urge to live more simply and care for less. Others no longer need the big houses where they once raised families…

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4 months ago

3 Phrases You Can Use to Form Strong Relationships After 60

Research is clear that if we want to stay healthy and to thrive we need to develop and maintain strong relationships. According to the Mayo Clinic, adults with strong relationships live longer than their peers who have less vital relationships…

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5 months ago

Does Getting Older Change Your Personality? The Surprising Truth Revealed!

A recent study, reported in the Journal of Psychology and Aging, showed that the adult personalities had almost no correlation to the personalities of their adolescent selves. Does this surprise you?

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1 year ago

10 Female Authors that Will Transport You to Fascinating Places

We are heading into the height of travel season, but sometimes a vacation is not in the cards. A great way to take a minivacation from the comfort of your home is to read books that have a strong sense of place. Each of the authors I share…

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2 years ago

How to Embrace Your Inner Child and Find Your Joy After 60

What did you love to do as a child? Do you remember getting happily lost for hours, so immersed in a hobby or passion that you lost all track of time? In childhood, we had the time and freedom to pursue our interests. We were open to joy…

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2 years ago

8 Powerful Retirement Lessons I Learned in a University Class

Several years ago, my husband and I took a retirement class. This was not one of those fancy dinners in an expensive steak house given by investment firms looking to solicit business, but an actual class taught through a university extension…

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2 years ago

6 Lessons Baby Boomers Learned from Classic Children’s Books

Were you a reader as a child? Did you snuggle up in a chair or under the covers at bedtime while an adult read to you? If so, chances are you were impacted by the wisdom found in children’s books. Read More