Michelle Vandepas, cheerleads and sometimes cajoles others into sharing, leading, teaching and inspiring others, through their purpose and mission driven messages. She is the co-founder and CEO of GracePoint Publishing. Michelle would love to hear about your inspiring journey. Connect with her at GracePoint or the Radically Authentic Facebook group or Michelle Vandepas Instagram.

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3 weeks ago

The Essence of Being Authentically Visible

How can we not be authentic? We are who we are. If, somehow, we are not showing our true selves, isn’t that who we are being? This is exactly who we are, in this place and in this time right now. Previously, I had never understood what it meant to be authentic…

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1 month ago

Why I Quit Chasing My Purpose (And You Should Too!)

I spent years chasing Purpose. I changed careers, tried new hobbies and threw myself into raising my daughter. Repeatedly I wondered, what was my purpose? Really? There must be something more, a connection to something bigger…

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