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Nancy Fagan, M.S, is the founder of, a coaching service that utilizes scientifically-based solutions to get your life back on track She is a nationally-recognized relationship expert and the author of multiple books including Shake Boredom in Retirement.

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2 years ago

Boredom in Retirement: 3 Strategies “The Monk Dude” Urges Us to Explore

Did you know that depression is the number one complaint of newly retired women? In fact, boredom is a key symptom. Mistakenly, many women turn to different forms of distraction (TV or Internet surfing) to feel better…

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5 years ago

An Odyssey of Baking Cinnamon Rolls to Warm an Old Heart

With the holiday season in full swing, my house is decorated, cookies baked, gifts wrapped, and holiday cards sent. With one final thing to check off my list, I saved the most challenging for last – buying a Christmas present for my dear husband. Read More