Nancy Scanlan, DVM, holistic veterinarian turned health advisor, is passionate about sharing natural ways to create a longer, healthier life. She hates over-hyped treatments and complicated routines. To find easy ways to improve your health, see her blog at, or check her Pinterest page.

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1 week ago

Grief After a Loss Is Normal Until It Becomes Complicated: How Do You Tell the Difference?

As we get older, we start losing friends and family. Sometimes we just lose touch with them, with less visits, less phone calls, less letters. Sometimes they fade away from life because of health conditions…

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4 months ago

Feeling Blue Is Not an Age-Related Issue – Check Your Diet! (Includes Bonus Recipe)

There are certainly a number of reasons to feel down as we get older: loss of friends, loss of loved ones, loss of mobility, having to move, and so on. When you are faced with enough stressful situations for long enough…

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11 months ago

Are You at Risk of Diabetes? These 5 Tests Are Sure to Reveal an Issue

You have probably heard of metabolic syndrome, the precursor to Type 2 diabetes. But do you know how doctors define that? If anyone in your family has suffered from Type 2 diabetes, then you are more likely to be at risk. But there are also three…

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1 year ago

5 Ways Timing Can Help You Lose More Weight – Even if You Eat the Same Food!

Has your breakfast time gradually slid down the day? Originally, you had to be up early, get the kids out of bed, put something on the table for them, your significant other, and for you, and leave in time for work. As life went on, the kids moved out…

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3 years ago

The Connection Between Chronic Diseases and the Coronavirus Epidemic

By now we know that chronic diseases make the COVID-19 infection (caused by the Coronavirus) worse. It is obvious why something like asthma could complicate COVID-19…

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