Olga Shevchenko is an FGA certified gemologist and jewelry designer. Founder of Jewelry Olga, she designs and creates unique pearl jewelry in Montreal (www.pearljewelryexpert.com). Knowing that jewelry is a powerful fashion accessory, Olga teaches women how to choose it and look classy and beautiful at any age. Contact Olga at info@pearljewelryexpert.com.

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4 weeks ago

7 Tips to Revive Your Grandma’s Pearl Necklace

I am sure many women over the age of 60 have a white pearl necklace. Maybe it was a gift from your husband, or a piece inherited from your mother or grandmother. As a rule, it is a simple strand of small white round pearls, often graduated…

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3 months ago

4 Questions to Ask When Buying Pearl Jewelry

For many years, we witness a great phenomenon – the growing popularity of pearls. Years ago, pearl jewelry became one of the biggest jewelry trends. Contemporary powerful women, including Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton…

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5 months ago

5 Practical Tips for Buying Jewelry

Being an experienced gemologist and jewelry designer, I hear discouraging stories about buying jewelry. With this article, I would like to help you make informed decisions when buying nice jewelry so that you pay a fair price and get to enjoy your new jewelry…

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6 months ago

Do You Have a Treasure in Your Jewelry Box?

Throughout history, jewelry has been a symbol of power, wealth, and love. At least once in our life we have the occasion to buy or receive a piece of jewelry. We often admire its beauty and love wearing it. When we reach 60, the majority of us have a box full…

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